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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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The Counseling Center offers group counseling for enrolled Minnesota State University, Mankato students.  Group is a format of therapy that encourages personal growth through interpersonal communication.  Groups are open for new members at the beginning of each semester.  Students who are interested in group will need to complete an initial consultation and attend a group orientation appointment to make sure group is a good fit for their needs.  Please stop by the Counseling Center in CSU 285 or call 507-389-1455 to learn more.




 Frequently Asked Questions



What is group counseling?

Group counseling is a great option for students who want to get to know themselves better and to improve their relationships.  Although many students are initially hesitant about group, participants consistently find group to be helpful.  In group counseling, two counselors meet with a group of 4-8 students once per week for about an hour and a half.  Group provides a safe environment for members to develop new skills and connect with others.


Do I have to pay? Does it count as part of my 10-sessions?

No, you do not have to pay for group and your group sessions do not count toward the 10 free individual therapy sessions that you can access in each academic year.

Do I have to choose between individual and group counseling?

No, you can participate in both.  Your counselor may recommend group, either alone or along with individual counseling.  If you choose to participate in both, you will have to think about how it fits with your schedule and needs.  We also recommend that you have separate and clear goals for individual and group counseling if you choose to participate in both.



Is what I say in group kept confidential?

The group facilitators are bound by law to maintain confidentiality, except under some special circumstances.  While we cannot guarantee that other members of the group will not talk about you outside of group, everyone does sign an agreement before group stating that they will not do so.  Group facilitators take time to emphasize the importance of this in group.  And you will always be in control of what you choose to share with the group.


What if another member of the group is someone I know?

Please let group facilitators know immediately if you have an existing relationship with someone else in the group.  If this happens, we will work together to decide how best to resolve the situation.  It may work out that both of you stay in the group, or one person may find another group to join.  We will do our best to find an option that matches your needs and schedule.


If I don’t like the group, can I get out of it?

Yes, you can leave the group.  We know that group can be uncomfortable in the beginning, and that participants report feeling more comfortable after a few sessions. We strongly prefer a commitment for the duration of the semester, but if you have concerns about continuing, you may discuss this with the group.