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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Making a Referral

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Referring to the Counseling Center

From time to time, you may find yourself working with students who could benefit from the services provided by the Counseling Center.  Here are some tips for making a referral to the Counseling Center:

  • Reassure students that the services the Counseling Center provides are confidential
  • Remind students that our services are FREE
  • Suggest that the student seek counseling to help sort things out
  • Convey to the student that you are concerned about him or her
  • Encourage the student to "try it and see how it goes"
  • Remind students that they owe it to themselves to seek help

In some circumstances, you may want to consider offering to walk the student over to the Counseling Center (CSU 285), or allow the student to call the Counseling Center (507-389-1455) from your office.  If you have any questions about making a referral, or require additional assistance, please call the Counseling Center for a consultation.


In an emergency or crisis situation

In rare cases, a student may be in an acute crisis in which he/she demonstrates behavior that elicits serious and immediate concern about safety (either the student's or your own) or about the student's ability to function (e.g. , poor contact with reality).  In such acute cases, you are urged to contact either University Security (507-389-2111) and/or local law enforcement (911). If you are unsure if the situation warrants this, a consultation with a counselor (507-389-1455) can help determine if emergency treatment is needed. If personal safety is not an imminent issue, you may also consider offering the student the following numbers:

South Central Crisis Line: 507-344-0621 or 877-399-3040

Blue Earth County On Call/Crisis Line: 507-304-4319

Minnesota Crisis Connection: 1-866-379-6363

CADA (Domestic Abuse) Crisis Line: 507-625-7233 or 507-625-3966