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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

What Your Student Can Expect

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Setting up an appointment:

Students schedule their own appointments at the Counseling Center (CSU 285). Students generally are able to set up an appointment within a day or two if they wish, but there may sometimes be a longer wait if demands for service are high. Appointments tend to begin on the hour and are 45 minutes in length.

Prior to the first appointment:

At the time of scheduling, students read through the Counseling Center’s policies and procedures as well as respond to a brief information form.

During the initial appointment:

At the first appointment a counselor will review the Counseling Center’s policies and procedures with the student. Also during the initial appointment a counselor begins to assess the student’s needs and the ways in which the Counseling Center can be of assistance. If the student and the counselor agree that short-term counseling is appropriate, the student can be seen in the Counseling Center up to 10 times per academic year. A counselor will also assist a student in referring to other campus departments or to community resources if the student’s needs are beyond the scope of the services provided at the Counseling Center. 


Counseling services provided by the Counseling Center are free and confidential. Mental health professionals must protect the privacy of clients as required by state and federal law and professional ethical codes. Therefore, please understand that counselors cannot confirm or deny whether or not a student has been seen in the Counseling Center unless the counselor has written permission from your son or daughter to release specific information. As parents, know that you can consult with a counselor who can listen to your concerns and discuss options and/or resources with you. Often speaking directly with your daughter or son is the best way to express your care and concern for them.