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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Asian American Affairs Scholarships

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We are providing scholarships for the 2020-2021 academic year to support the educational success of our students. The deadline for our scholarships is TBA.

Eligibility: Undergraduate student and full-time enrollment for the year scholarship funds are awarded.

Instructions: Students should submit essays explaining why they believe they should be considered for the Asian American Community Scholarship or Asian American Affairs Academic Excellence Scholarship. A complete application for each scholarship should include a 2-5 page essay (double-spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman, one-inch margins), resume and transcript (a DARS or unofficial transcript is sufficient). Please e-mail a complete application to Sengarone Peter Vetsmany (


*NOTE: Students can apply for both awards but can only receive one scholarship for their entire duration as an undergraduate student at Minnesota State University, Mankato.


Asian American Community Scholarship - $750

This scholarship is awarded to a student who has been engaged in an Asian American “community.” “Community” is defined very broadly but the scholarship focuses on the student’s current level of civic engagement and potential to “give back” to an Asian American community (e.g., Hmong American community in the Frogtown area of St. Paul, MN). Students must be currently enrolled in courses at MSU, Mankato and must be in good academic standing. Below are some examples of current activities and aspirations that might warrant the award.

  • Highly involved in an RSO under Asian American Affairs 
  • Contributes to the success of Asian American students at MSU, Mankato ( activities in whic a student is already being compensated, such as through employment, may not be ideal for this award unless it is related to ther criteria) 
  • Volunteer work that serves an Asian American community
  • Serves a community as a representative of an Asian American RSO or nonprofit organization 
  • Has made a major impact on an Asian American community ( e.g., participated in a significant way to contribute to an issue for social justice) 
  • Aspires to build bridges between Asian American communities and other communities 
  • Aspires to serve or "give back" to their ethnic community


Asian American Affairs Academic Excellence Scholarship - $750

This scholarship is awarded to a student who is at least in their second/sophomore year and demonstrates academic excellence. The primary criteria for the award is GPA. Students must have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, at least a 3.0 term GPA for the past two semesters and a completion rate of at least 75%. Other criteria include career aspirations, credit load, academic growth (e.g., from a 2.5 GPA to 3.5 GPA) and evidence of personal/professional development over time.


Scholarships for Asian-Pacific Islander College Students