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Officers – CLASA – Latino RSOs – Center for Latino Affairs – Multicultural Center – Institutional Diversity – Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

CLASA Officers

Page address: http://www.mnsu.edu/cultdiv/cla/studentgroups/CLASA/Officers/

 Ashley Castaneda- Rosales 

Major: Socail Work
Email: ashley.castaneda-rosales@mnsu.edu

BIO: I like to dance, listen to music, paint, read poetry, and hang out with friends.


Ramiro Vinan- Vega

Vice President
Major:Electrical Engineering
Email: ramiro.vinan-vega@mnsu.edu

BIO: My name is Ramiro Leonardo Viñán Vega. I was born in Loja, Ecuador on May 6th of 1995. I am an international student enrolled in Minnesota State University Mankato going through my third year. I am studying electrical engineering, with two minors in Mathematics and Political science. I am currently the vice president of CLASA. I joined CLASA two years ago for the reason that I decided to try something new. I ended up loving it, there are a lot of benefits of getting involved besides the building your resume. For instance, I realized how Latino culture is different and similar at the same time, that even if I am from a different country I share traditions, language, and more things with other Latino students from different countries. I was sharing culture with people from Colombia, Mexico, Peru, etc. This thing made me feel like back home and that I have a place where I belong and can share my culture. That is the reason why I stayed in CLASA and got involved, I wanted that more people feel the same way I do.


Ibelizet Dominguez 

Major: Psychology
Minor: Latin American Studies
Email: ibelizet.dominguez@mnsu.edu

BIO: Over the course of my life, I have learned to fully love and embrace my culture. Through my major, I hope to gain the knowledge to elevate and and improve the Latinx community. Being a part of CLASA has given me the opportunity to meet other students who have lived through both similar and different experiences than I have. Everyone has a unique story that makes them who they are and it is important that we share and embrace those experiences with one another. CLASA provides a sense of community and acceptance that makes students feel that they are capable of succeeding despite the odds.


Alejandra Galvan 

Major: History
Minor: Biology
Email: a.galvan91@yahoo.com

BIO: My name is Alejandra Galvan and I am a senior. My major is History with a minor in biology. I am also the CLASA treasurer.
The reason I chose to be involved with the Latino RSOs is because I feel a sense of welcoming when I am with them as members and as friends. Studying at a predominately white university, it is nice seeing the Latino population grow as well as other minority populations. The events hosted by Latino Wellness and CLASA helps us grow and let others know we are present. We want to show people our culture and demonstrate our pride.


Bryan Beltran 

Public Relations
Email: bryan.beltran@mnsu.edu