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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Maverick Diversity Inclusion Plan

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Diversity Inclusion Plan 

Minnesota State University Mankato has developed an Inclusivity Workplan as part of the Minnesota State Charting the Future Initiative. Minnesota State directed each college and university to develop an "Inclusivity Workplan" that will enable campuses to effectively increase diversity for employees and students at all levels of the institution, close the opportunity gap for students, and meet the needs of its economic region. 

The President's Commission on Diversity (representing faculty, staff, students, and administrators) began working on the plan in January, 2016.   

Thanks to the [PDF] Diversity and Inclusion Plan (120 KiB) a study was devised to capture the climate of campus. 

These are the results of the [PDF] climate study (5 MiB) and [PDF] Midterm Report (490 KiB)

[PDF]  MNSU Sessions Final Report 2017  (493 KiB)

[PDF] MNSU Student - Presentation of Select Climate Data 2017   (2 MiB)

[PDF] MNSU Staff - Presentation of Select Climate Data 2017  (1 MiB)

[PDF] MNSU Faculty - Presentation of Select Climate Data 2017  (1 MiB)

[PDF] Qualitative and Quanititative Data Verification Feedback II 2018 (123 KiB)

[PDF] Progress Report Draft 2017  (456 KiB)

Climate Study Presentation Update 2018


Frequently asked questions regarding the Inclusion Plan - FAQ 

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