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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Diversity Institute

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Through education and the exchange of ideas, we can establish a new level of community that improves the quality of life and learning for all.  

Take advantage of one of the following sessions dedicated to uniting our community and inspiring an inclusive educational environment.  If you would like to suggest a topic for future sessions OR are interested in presenting on a topic please email


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Tuesday January 31, 2017: 10-11:30am in CSU 201
Topic: Using 'Micro-positivity' as a Tool for Student Support 
Presenter: Renee Turgeon - Assistant Director, Women's Center
Description:This workshop will examine the effects of unintended microaggressions that students often experience in classrooms and other educational spaces, and explore the use of "micro-positivity" as a means of helping reverse the negative aspects of microaggressions. 

Tuesday February 7, 2017: 10-12pm in CSU 201
Topic: Responding to Student Concerns about Equity 
Presenters: Cyrenthia Jordan - Director, Office of Equal Opportunity and Title IX; Linda Alvarez - Equal Opportunity and Title IX Consultant 
Description: Join the Office of Equal Opportunity & Title IX (EOTIX) for an interactive workshop focused on faculty and staff response to student concerns about bias and equity in and out of the classroom.  EOTIX staff will share information regarding the policies and procedures for addressing such concerns, and tips for assisting your students. 

Monday March 27, 2017: 1-3pm in CSU 245
Topic: Safe Zone Training  
Presenters: Jessica Flatequal - Director, Office of Gender and Sexuality Programs
Description: Come learn more about LGBT identity, the roots of homo/bi/trans-phobia, privilege and diversity and acquire the skills and knowledge to more effectively work and understand the LGBT Community.

Thursday April 20, 2017: 2-3pm in CSU 201
Topic: Campus Security 
Presenter and Description: Information Coming!