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By submitting this form, you are electronically agreeing to follow the policies and procedures in the ISC. When requesting the use of the ISC, the group or individual assumes responsibility for the care and cleanliness of the facility as a contractual matter. Basic commitment to the following policies is assumed by the individual and/or organization sponsoring the event. Limited cleaning supplies are available for use.

  1. All furniture within the room moves to accommodate the event shall be returned to its original position.
  2. All containers and/or debris resulting from the serving or individual use of refreshments shall be cleaned up and cleared out of the facility (cups, bottles, cans, trays, dishes, etc.).
    *A $25 fee will be charged if additional cleanning is needed.
  3. Items of trash, such as paper, and related items shall be disposed of in wastebaskets.
  4. Kitchen use requires the clean-up of all dishes, countertops, sinks and floors. Dishes and kitchen equipment must be washed, dried and returned to its storage area. The floor must be swept and washed. Food items must be thrown away or returned to storage. Food items that are not marked or are left in the refrigerator or freezer more than one week will be removed.
  5. Breakage or damage to furniture shall be reported to the Director of the ISC.
  6. If cancelling a reservation, please notify the director of the ISC immediately so that others may have access to the space.
    *Event cancellation must be made at least 24 hour in advance or a $25 fee will be charged. Extenuating circumstances will be considered at the ISC Director's discretion.
  7. All reservations must be cleared through the ISC Director. Your event is subject to limitations of the times you have listed on the electronic form (other events may be scheduled before or after the time allotted).
  8. Please provide at least one week notice for scheduling an activity or event.

You will receive an e-mail confirmation that we have received your request and whether or not that request has been approved. If your request is approved, your event will be listed on the ISC calendar. Please double check the calendar to ensure your event has been booked for the correct date and time. If you do not hear from someone within 48 hours of this submission, please call the ISC at 389-6300.