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How Can I Tap Into Program Dollars?

Since the program’s inception a number of speakers, workshops, conferences and symposiums which dealt with ethnic, cultural or racial issues have received total or partial funding from the Division of Institutional Diversity. Faculty/staff may apply for funding to support projects and classroom activities. Projects are funded fall and spring term. Funding request deadlines are September 15, January 15 and April 15.

Several faculty and staff have used diversity funds to organize field trips, supplement national and international conference travel, and classroom presentations. Projects have been funded to revise course syllabi and program objectives to increase multicultural dynamics. Several students and faculty have received funds for research while others have used funds for providing support services to culturally diverse groups as well as working with groups in the community.

Faculty and staff interested in pursuing funding for activities, special projects and research that represents the cultural diversity initiatives must submit a proposal to the Division of Institutional Diversity. Proposals will be considered by the university’s Institutional Diversity Funding Subcommittee within five weeks after receipt of the request. The funding request form is available below.

[DOC] Ethnics Student Activities (37 KiB)