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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Richard W. Tanner Scholarship Fund

Page address:
Attn: Anne Pierre
600 Norwest Center
Saint Paul, MN 55101

Award: $500

Deadline: Oct. 1

The Richard W. Tanner Scholarship seeks to support the post secondary education of American Indian students. To be eligible, the following must be on file with the Indian Education Office, Minnesota Indian Scholarship Program, Minnesota Department of Children Families and Learning:

  • Minnesota Indian Scholarship application
  • Proof of tribal enrollment and/or blood quantum from a federally recognized American Indian Tribe or community
  • Applicants must be entering their junior or senior year in an ac-credited college and be involved in community activities
  • This scholarship is not based on income

Attach the following with your application:

  • Official college transcript
  • Essay describing involvement in the Indian community and how accomplishing your educational goals will benefit the community (250 words)
  • Two letters of reference (one from an academic counselor or teacher, and one from a community member)