Spring Collection 2008

University Repertory Dance Theatre

Artistic Directors Julie Kerr-Berry & Brad Garner
Costume Design by David McCarl
Lighting Design by Steven Smith

Dream Work, choreographed by Mary Fitzgerald (guest choreographer)

Historically Speaking, choreographed by Nicole Curry (student)

Within Reach, choreographed by Julie Kerr-Berry (faculty)

Paper to Floor, choreographed by Staci Lipps (student)

Souvenir, choreographed by Brad Garner (faculty)

Wind in Palm, choreographed by Alan Sener (guest choreographer)

Porcelain Portraits, choreographed by Julie Kerr-Berry (faculty)

Red Shoes (remixed), choreographed by Brad Garner (faculty)

Small Favors, choreographed by Brad Garner (faculty)

When diverse weather systems are mixed together, the result is generally an "expression" of precipitation
and/or energy in the form of lightning and wind. THERMOfusion mixes a diverse pool of artistic expression
in dance, ranging from love and war to frivolity and fun. The result is an electrifying storm of images, ideas and emotions.

THERMOfusion includes works by two promising Minnesota State choreographers: Staci Lipps (double major in
Dance and Art) and Nicole Curry (Dance major). Staci's "Paper to Floor" is the result of an Undergraduate Research
Grant she was awarded to interconnect her research in printmaking and dance-making into one, multi-media
performance. The result is a colorful wash of color and line where points of distinction between two-dimensional
bodies are blurred. Nicole's "Historically Speaking" is a tightly woven visual representation of Franklin D. Roosevelt's
"a date which will live in infamy" speech of Dec. 7, 1941. The combination of Nicole's choreography and the spoken
text draws strong connections to current American politics through formal structure and subtlety—evoking introspection
rather than provoking controversy.

Listen to Nicole and Staci describe their pieces and their creative process.

The first two Nadine B. Andreas Guest Artists to grace the Minnesota State Mankato Dance Program
—Mary Fitzgerald and Alan Sener—also will be featured. Fitzgerald is a former member of Kai Takei Dancers,
with whom she performed internationally for more than a decade. Her piece, "Dream Work," has the dancers
thrashing through the space violently with jagged and often broken lines in front of a kaleidoscopic video backdrop.
Sener spent nearly 15 years dancing with Louis Falco (choreographer of the film adaptation of "Fame"). His creation,
"Wind in Palm," has the dancers floating effortlessly over the floor in grand, sweeping circles interconnected in
such a way as to suggest that both gravity and time have been suspended in submission to the kinesthetic power of dance.

All photographs by V. Paul Virtucio