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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

BFA in Dance

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Stage 4 (2015) choreographed by Rachel Dreist

Photo by Dan Norman

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Dance BFA and Freshman Talent Grant auditions

For incoming and current students, BFA and Freshman Talent Grant auditions are held on the Friday before classes begin in August of each academic year. For prospective and current students, auditions occur in early March of each academic year. Check the Dance Homepage under "Upcoming Dance Events" for exact dates.

Here is an approximate schedule for the day:

10-11:30 a.m.—Dance Class (combination of ballet, jazz and modern)

11:30-noon—BFA Applicants Only (solos, interviews, writing sample)

Noon-12:15 p.m.—Question and Answer Session


1-2:30 p.m.—Individual Advising Sessions (all entering freshmen and transfers)

* * *

If you are planning to attend, you MUST complete the BFA or Freshman Talent Grant application contact me via email so we know you're coming: You may also write if you have any questions.

I look forward to working with you this fall.


Julie Kerr-Berry, Ed.D.
Professor and Director of Dance
Department of Theatre and Dance
Earley Center for Performing Arts
Minnesota State University, Mankato
(507) 389-2125
Visit us at:


Online application ; paper forms: incoming student or current student

Policies and Procedures document (PDF)

No minor required

General Education:  44 credits

Major Common Core:  38 credits
DANC 321   Dance Composition I (2)
DANC 332   Dance Improvisation  (2)
DANC 326   Advanced Ballet (2)
DANC 328   Advanced Modern Dance (6)
DANC 421   Dance Composition II (2)
DANC 427   Topics in Dance (3)
DANC 428   Dance Repertory (1 credit, 6xs [6])
DANC 429   Senior Dance Project (1)
DANC 430 Choreographic Project I
DANC 431 Choreographic Project II
DANC 484W   Dance History (3)
THEA 10X  Theatre Activities (1 credit,
   5xs, 3 areas [5])
THEA 262   Dance Production: Costumes (1)
THEA 272   Dance Production: Lighting (1)
THEA 276   Dance Production: Sound (1)
THEA 30X  Theatre Practicum (1)

Major Restricted Electives:  24 credits
You must choose 10 credits from among the following:
DANC 128 (2)  Beginning Modern (2)
DANC 228 (2)  Intermediate Modern (2)
DANC 328 (2)  Advanced Modern (2)
You must choose 14 credits from among:
DANC 126  Beginning Ballet (2)
DANC 226  Intermediate Ballet (2)
DANC 326  Advanced Ballet (2)

Unrestricted Electives:  4 credits
DANC 125  Afro-Caribbean Dance (2)
DANC 223  Intermediate Jazz Dance (2)
DANC 227  Intermediate Tap Dance (2)
DANC 320  Dance Somatics (2)
DANC 323  Advanced Jazz (2)


Unrestricted Electives:  4 credits (cont.)
DANC 324  Methods & Materials for
   Teaching Dance (3)
DANC 327  Advanced Tap Dance (2)

General Electives:  10 credits

TOTAL:  120 credits

                             * * *

Upper Division Credits:  38 credits

Required General Education (15 from 44)
DANC 120  Introduction to Dance (3)
DANC 225  Worlds of Dance (3)
THEA 101  Acting for Everyone (3)
ART 160  Introduction to Visual Culture (3)
ART   261  Art History Survey (3)
MUS  120   Introduction to Music (3)

Download Word document of curriculum