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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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What meal plans are currently offered?

Meal plans that are currently available are: Maverick Anytime, Maverick 14, Maverick 160 and Maverick Dining Dollars. Meal plan descriptions can be found at the Meal Plans page.

Where can I purchase a meal plan?

To purchase a meal plan, you will need to go the Residence Life Office located in 111 Carkoski Commons.

Where can I use my meal plan?

Your meal plan can be used at Carkoski Commons dining hall.

Can I use my meal to buy a meal for a guest?

Meals associated with the meal plan may only be used by the student who purchased the meal plan. You may use the Dining Dollars that come with your meal plan to purchase a meal for your guest.

Where can I use the Dining Dollars that come with the meal plan?

Dining Dollars can be used at all University Dining Services venues and at both convenience stores located on campus. Campus dining locations can be viewed at the Locations page.

Do I pay sales tax when I use my dining dollars?

Points associated with meal plans are exempt from sales tax with the following exception. The purchase of non-food items in the convenience stores such as health and beauty, newspapers and magazines will be charged 7.00% tax. Food items purchased at University Dining Services locations will be exempt from tax for students only. Please note that if you use Mav Cash 7.00% sales tax will be charged on all purchases.

If I have any additional questions about my meal plan who can I contact?

You can find our managers contact information at the Contact page.

Additional Meal Plan FAQS from Residential Life