Diversity Commission Meeting Minutes

Committee Members:
Present: Loretta DeLone, Ricardo Muggli, Jessica Flatequal, Kelly Meier,
John Seymour, Julie Snow, Michelle Washington Carter,
Kenneth White.

Betty Young, Co-Chair; Henry Morris, Co-Chair; Linda Duckett,
Co-Chair; Michael Fagin, Tom Gjersvig, Calvin Moultrie, Hanh Huy Phan.

Meeting called to order in WA 303.
Motion to accept minutes for 2.13.07 as amended, seconded, motion carried.

I        General Education Diversity Report, Discussion/ Response

Answer:  They were dissatisfied that courses were marked “diversity” that did not seem to exemplify diversity. 

Answer: Many people didn’t follow through on the training, but the courses were accepted. 

Answer: Some folks have put a lot of work into this, and there
has been a conscientious review—how do we keep everyone
engaged?  Talk about assessment, and how does the next
outcome reflect the university goals for diversity?

In the next few days, please e-mail suggestions to Betty and Henry with questions for the next meeting.     


II                Sub-Groups, Goals and Expectations Report

All groups have been meeting, WORK group, and different perceptions on what we could do to move ahead with our goals. 
Things that should be centralized to move us forward and have offices do the things that they know well. 


Kevin Buisman and Mike Fagin discussed:

Mike Fagin talked about the goals from his perspective.

Mike and Kevin talked about how they recruit students on a “full-ride” and we will get what they currently are doing.

Action Needed:

More diversity now in the immediate area, so diverse hires for classified could increase.

Students need to participate at least one hour, one day a week, in organizations.  Students are working, and it is difficult to get them to participate in organizations—this would help with retention.

Co-chairs of CSW and Diversity Commission will meet with the President on March 8, 2007. 

Meeting adjourned at 4:40 p.m.