Diversity Commission Minutes
April 24, 2007
CSU 168

Committee Members:
Present: Betty Young, Co-Chair; Henry Morris, Co-Chair; Linda Duckett,
Co-Chair; Michelle Washington Carter, Michael Fagin, ex officio;
Tom Gjersvig, Kelly Meier, Calvin Moultrie.

Absent: Loretta DeLone, Ricardo Muggli, Jessica Flatequal, Hanh
Huy Phan, John Seymour, Julie Snow, Kenneth White.

Meeting called to order.

Congratulations to:
Dr. Betty Young-    YWCA Woman of Distinction, on her well-crafted and beautiful speech, on the topic--Eliminating Racism, Empowering Women--at the banquet.
Dr. Mike Fagin-      on his excellent introduction of Dr. Young.

I        Approval of Minutes
All minutes for the meetings held this year are officially approved.

II      Diversity Commission reached consensus that we will co-sponsor this forum with the General Education/ Curriculum Committee.
Henry Morris, Presidential Fellow, has consulted the President who has approved this co-sponsorship.

III     Legal Questions


IV      Review and Consideration of Report

We liked the framework, and what they presented based on what they had to work with on this project.

Offer a curriculum that challenges each student to excel, reflects a commitment to equity, and demonstrates an appreciation of diversity.

IV      Report from Sub-Groups

Faculty/staff of color serve as role models and have embedded, unassigned duties. We have specific resources going into specific offices to handle academic advising and counseling for students of color. Within job titles it states they are the people who provide specific services to students of color. 

University offices may do certain activities, but it is essential that we have specialized centers and staffing to address specialized needs for students of color.  The need for an office of Institutional Diversity is clear, with the resources they provide.


Appendix, Climate Recommendations, ALL

Recommendation 1
Provide financial incentives to departments and units for achieving diversity goals, such as increasing the number of employees of color or conducting diversity programs.

Recommendation 2
Keep accurate records regarding the progress of departments and units on
hiring as well as the program information in areas of diversity.

Recommendation 3
Special funds should be available to faculty of color for professional
development. This is particularly important for increasing their retention at MSU.

Recommendation 4
MSU needs to recognize and give credit to faculty and staff of color, who beyond their required duties, help students of color. This can include released time from courses, extra time for promotion decisions, and financial incentives to do advising/counseling (Sedlacek, 2004).


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