Diversity Commission Minutes
May 1, 2007
WA 303


Committee Members:
Present: Betty Young, Co-Chair; Henry Morris, Co-Chair; Linda Duckett,
Co-Chair; Michael Fagin, ex officio; Jessica Flatequal, Kelly Meier,
Hanh Huy Phan, Julie Snow.

Absent: Loretta DeLone, Tom Gjersvig, Ricardo Muggli, Calvin Moultrie, John
Seymour, Michelle Washington Carter, Kenneth White.

Meeting called to order.
Happy Birthday Henry!!!

I        Approval of Materials for the Website
Henry will send e-copies of the minutes to the Diversity Commission members, with request for recommended changes by May 9, 2007.

II      Review and Consideration of Diversity Commission Report

Recommendation 1
The Diversity Commission recommends a university-wide Summit on Diversity, with the Diversity Commission and Commission on the Status of Women working on the development of that meeting, to see how we infuse diversity into our community. 

Recommendation 2
We further recommend that a Diversity Training Certificate Program be put in place, managed by the Diversity Institute with collaboration by the Professional Development Committee to cover all protected classes, and to be completed during the 2007-2008 year. 

Recommendation 3
We further recommend that four different external keynote trainers would come in, with one-day events, designed to target different campus constituencies, large group, Cabinet, Directors, and Student Affairs Council.  We need on-going training for faculty and staff, with expectations for continual development and education, certificates in place to support promotion decisions.


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