Charge to the Diversity Commission


  1. Develop a recruitment plan to enroll underrepresented students.  Working with the Office of Admissions and the Institutional Diversity Office and in consultation with the Enrollment Management Committee, establish a short-term goal for Fall 2007 that will increase the number of applicants for admission, increase the number of students who attend orientation and who enroll.  Establish a 5-year plan for increasing the number of underrepresented students.  The focus on this goal is to increase the number of freshmen and transfer underrepresented students.  Look at institutions that have been successful and develop “best practice” models.  Establish measurable goals and outcome assessment measures for both the short- term plan and the longer-term plan.  

          Progress Report due:  November 2006 (short term)
          Report due:  May 2007 (5-year plan)

    2.   Develop a student retention plan for first to second year, second to third year, and third to fourth year. Working with the Enrollment Management           Committee and Student Affairs retention professionals, develop strategies to specifically target underrepresented risk students to assist them in           continuing with their education and ultimately, graduation.  Such strategies will have measurable outcomes.

          Report due:  May 2007

   3.   Work with the Equal Opportunity & Title IX Office and the Human Resources Office in developing recruitment strategies for hiring underrepresented staff and          faculty. Develop specific, measurable strategies for retaining these employees. Study units on campus that have been successful in retention of          underrepresented staff and faculty and develop “best-practice” models. 

         Report due:  May 2007