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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Technical Communication M.A.

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Degree Program Technical Communication M.A.
Subject Area Arts and Humanities
Type/Location Online
Program URL
Number of Required Campus Visits 0 (zero) visits to campus are required
Degree Type Graduate Master of Arts
Total Number of Semester Credits

Thesis Plan: 30 Credits

Program Description

The graduate program in Technical Communication prepares students to be professional information developers, technical writers, and editors who are skilled at using the spoken word, along with visuals, to effectively inform and instruct a wide range of audiences.

Admission Requirements

Admission to MSU’s College of Graduate Studies

Entrance requirements for the graduate certificate in technical communication include:

  • Applicants must submit a one-page personal statement (to the Graduate Director of English) describing their background and interests in technical communication
  • 28 quarter or 18 semester hours in one or more of the following areas: literature, linguistics, speech, or mass communications.
  • Technical Communication (Eng 271) or equivalent technical communication experience
  • TOEFL base score of 550 or above for candidates whose native language is not English
Other Requirements

Completion of the degree requires designated coursework (50% of which must be taken at the 600 level), an internship, and either a thesis or alternate plan paper. An oral defense is required of all thesis writer.

Courses that must be completed for this program include:

  • ENG 575 Editing Technical Publications (4 Cr)
  • ENG 577 Technical Documentation, Policies and Procedures (4 Cr)
  • ENG 673 Research and Theory for Technical Communicators (3 Cr)
  • ENG 678 Technial and Scientific Prose (3 Cr)
  • ENG 679 Rhetorical Theory Applied to Technical Documents (3 Cr)
  • ENG 680 Topics: Computer-Assisted Writing* (3 Cr)

ELECTIVES: (3-10 Credits)

  • ENG 571 Visual Technical Communication (4 Cr)
  • ENG 572 Topics in Technical Communication* (4 Cr)
  • ENG 573 Desktop Publishing (4 Cr)
  • ENG 574 Researching and Writing Technical Reports (4 Cr)
  • ENG 576 Online Documentation (4 Cr)
  • ENG 674 Topics in Technical Communication* (1-3 Cr)

*May be repeated under various topics.

INTERNSHIP: (3 Credits)

  • ENG 698 Internship


  • ENG 699 Thesis
  • ENG 694 Alternative Plan Paper
Program Contact Information

Dr. Roland Nord
Technical Communication Program Director
English Department
Minnesota State University, Mankato
230 Armstrong Hall
Mankato, MN 56001
Telephone: (507) 389-5402