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  • Packages - On-campus Delivery and Pickup Options - Packages received at the Wiecking Center loading dock are scanned by Receiving and set aside for on-campus delivery. (Wherever possible the tracking number used by the commercial carrier delivering the package to MSU will be the number scanned by Receiving for on-campus tracking and delivery purposes.) Instead of waiting for Delivery Services to deliver their packages, departments may elect to pick up their packages at 207 Wiecking Center where they will have to sign for them before they are released. Computers for employee, department, and classroom use are considered theft sensitive items and will received a fixed asset tag.

  • Surplus Property - Disposition Procedures

    Under no circumstances are surplus items to be left in hallways or put in dumpsters. Secure all items until either IT Services or Delivery Services can pick them up.
  • State property, even though it may no longer be suitable for use by the University, remains "state property" and shall be disposed of in an orderly manner according to University procedures. When departments have identified an item for surplus they should:

    • Step 1 - Complete a "Surplus Tag" using this writeable downloadable form: Surplus Tag and attached it to the item. Be sure to include the fixed asset number on the form and keep a copy of the Surplus Tag for your records.

    • Step 2 - Determine which MSC Department is to pick up the item: IT Services or Delivery Services.
      • For computer harddrives and computers that have data storage capability, you must contact IT Services' Help Desk (389-6654) or use the Self-Service Request. IT Services will "scrub clean" such computer storage devices of all data. Computer related surplus items which have fixed asset tags are identified by IT Services and the information forwarded to University Stores so the item can be deleted from state inventory records.
      • For furniture and other equipment complete a "Surplus Property Pick-up" form using this form: Surplus Property Pick-up and it will be sent electronically to Delivery Services. Delivery Services will then schedule the pick-up. Surplus items which have fixed asset tags are identified by University Stores and deleted from state inventory records.

        Leaving discarded personal property on MSU's campus is prohibited.

  • MNSCU Procedure 7.3.13 Surplus Personal Property Disposal
  • Purpose. The purpose of this procedure is to establish a process that disposes of system-wide surplus personal property and buildings in an efficient and cost effective manner.

    Definitions: Surplus Property: Any state-owned property, including commodities, equipment, materials, supplies, books, printed matter, buildings, and other property that is obsolete, unused, not needed for a public purpose, or ineffective for current use.

    Personal Property. The Office of the Chancellor, a college, or a university shall sell, trade in (if item has a value), give away, or destroy surplus personal property that is no longer useful. The Office of the Chancellor, college, or university shall take the following steps for disposal of surplus personal property.

  • Step 1: Offer to other offices, departments, divisions, or campuses within the institution.

  • Step 2: Offer to other institutions within the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system.

  • Step 3: Offer for sale to the general public by sealed bids, public auction, negotiated sale, pre-pricing garage sale, or non-sale by consignment or donation, or use the services of the Department of Administration's surplus services program.

    In the event there is a publicly advertised auction sale, the public will have the opportunity to inspect the property within a reasonable period of time. All items disposed of will have no implied warranty and will be disposed of in an "AS IS" condition at the time of viewing. Disposed items that are on the fixed assets inventory list shall be removed from the list at the time of disposal.

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  • Surplus Pickup - (Those wishing to surplus computer hard drives should email the IT Services Help Desk so they can properly scrub the data clean off the unit. Delivery Services will not pick up a computer hard drive unless and until IT Services authorizes it.)
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