Family Disaster Preparedness Planning

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Memo To:  All Staff                                                                           January 9, 2007

From:  Robert McGinn, Director
            Environmental Health and Safety Director

RE:  Family Disaster Preparedness Resources

If we pay attention to the media and the experts, we are probably all aware of the possibility that a widespread influenza outbreak or a large-scale bioterrorism, or even a major natural disaster could occur in our area.  Minnesota State University, Mankato is continually working in coordination with local and state public health and public safety agencies to ensure a strong and coordinated response to such an occurrence.  The key is planning and preparation.

If such a disaster would occur, our first thoughts would probably be for the safety of our families.  Are they safe?  Do they have the resources and the knowledge to protect themselves and stay out of harm’s way for a period of time?  Do they have the necessary things to be self-sufficient in the event that services are unavailable or overtaxed?  Will they be okay if I am not able to be there?  Again, the key is planning and preparation.

In that spirit, your MSU, Mankato Safety Committee has put together a packet of information that you and your family can use to create a family emergency plan to respond to a disaster such as those mentioned above.  This information comes from a variety of sources, and provides practical ideas, checklists and resource lists to put together a plan that works for your family and your situation.

But, this information is only valuable to you and your family if you put it to use.  It won’t do any good if it is sitting on your desk at work.  Please take this packet home with you and use the contents to create a family emergency plan that works for you.  The information in it is tailored to a family situation.  You can use it to put together a plan to accommodate your unique living space and circumstances.  You may want to get every family member involved in the planning, so that each will understand how it will work in time of need.  If you would like to research the subject further, a website resource list is included.

As a university employee, you may be called upon to come to the university in the event of a disaster.  Our facilities may be used by Blue Earth County to perform Mass Dispensing for a Pandemic out break, housing by the Red Cross in event of a natural disaster, or to perform disaster recovery work on campus.  You would be better prepared to come to work and do what needed to be done if you knew that your family was safe and that their needs had been met.

We all sincerely hope that we will never have to put these plans into actual use, but it is somewhat comforting to know that we have taken steps to safeguard our loved ones if the need arises.  After all, what could be more important than that?


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Tornado.pdf - Red Cross – Are you ready for a Tornado
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