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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Safety Perception

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MnSAFE Initiative

In October 2011, Governor Mark Dayton launched the MnSAFE Initiative. The intent of the MnSAFE Initiative was to reduce State of Minnesota employee injuries by 25 percent over three years. Many state agencies, including Minnesota State as well as us here at Minnesota State Mankato met or even exceeded this goal.

After meeting the three year injury reduction goal, many state agencies have now maintained a ‘status-quo’ injury rate for a few years. In an attempt to further reduce injury rates (beyond the original 25 percent goal) the State of Minnesota Department of Administration is now assessing what other initiatives can be undertaken to assist in achieving further reductions in injury rates.

The first such outcome was the recommendation to ensure all state agencies participate in a Safety Culture Survey in an attempt to get a sense of what issues may be preventing individual agency injury rates from being lowered even further.

In April/May 2017, MSU Mankato employees were provided access to the 2017 Safety Culture Survey. Approximately 10% of MSU Mankato employees completed the survey. In October 2017 a summation report of the Safety Culture Survey was provided to MSU Mankato.

In the coming months, the MSU Health and Safety Committee will review the information contained within the report. From this review, the committee may develop recommendations to provide to university administration on what steps MSU Mankato may consider to reduce our own employee injury rates going forward.

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