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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Advisory Council

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Family Advisory Council members will be involved by taking an active role in University affairs by serving as liaisons between the University and other family members, contributing ideas, talents and leadership while working in collaboration with New Student and Family Programs staff in event planning, recruiting and fundraising.

The Family Advisory Council consists of family members of current and past students who have interest in supporting Minnesota State Mankato.  It is our intention to have Advisory Council Members who represent our diverse student population

Advisory Council members have several important responsibilities:

  1. Advice and Counsel: Members are encouraged to provide feedback both at the Council’s biannual meetings and throughout the school year. Council members are asked to evaluate ongoing programs and to assist in the content for Family Association communications. The Council will play a central role in communicating parent interest, concerns and goals to the University.  
  2. Program Assistance: Council members are expected to assist with events such as Summer Orientation, Family Weekend, Summer Send-Offs and Admission Open House events, as well as other events as they are planned. They are asked to become familiar with University resources and services in order to provide assistance to students and their families at these events.   Council members assist with the recruitment of new Associate or Maverick Advantage members within the Association.   
  3. Financial Support:  Members of the Advisory Council are required to be Associate or Maverick Advantage members of the Association.  Membership fees will be donations to the Foundation, a portion of the funds will be used to support the Family Association, while the remainder of the funds will be used to support students. The council will be instrumental in determing the use of the funds.

The Council shall consist of the following officers

  • Chair:  Assist Family Coordinator in preparing agendas for all meetings, preside over all meetings.
  • Vice-Chair:  Assist the Chair and preform all duties of the Chair in the Chair’s absence.  The Vice-Chair will serve as the following year Chair.
  • Secretary:  Keep records of the Advisory Council minutes, attendance and correspondence.
  • Communications Liaison:  Works with a committee to assist the Family Coordinator in alternative methods and ideas on communication with the general membership.
  • Membership Liaison:  Works with a committee to encourage Associate or Maverick Advantage membership to the Family Association.
  • Family Weekend Liaison: Is a member of the Family Weekend Planning committee and finds volunteers from the membership to assist at Family Weekend.
  • Orientation Liaison: Coordinates the volunteers to serve on Family Panel Presentation, attend the Family Social and staff the Family Association booth at the Resource Fair.
  • Summer Send-Off Liaison:  Coordinates the volunteers to attend the Summer Send Off in various communities in late July/early August. 
  • Admission Open House Liaison: Coordinates the volunteers needed by Admissions to attend Open House events.


If you are interested in being on the Advisory Council, please fill out the interest form with your contact information and the Family Coordinator will be in touch.