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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Advisory Board

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The Office of University Fellowships, in collaboration with multiple campus partners, has established a Fellowships Advisory Board (FAB) to support our activities and help fulfill our mission of providing high-ability students with opportunities to apply for prestigious national and international awards and resources to compile competitive applications.

FAB Members and Terms

Ginny Walters, University Fellowship Coordinator, Chair (2016-present)
Alisa Eimen, College of Arts & Humanities FA Representative (2016-2019)
Megan Mahowald, College of Allied Health & Nursing FA Representative (2016-2019)
Wade Davis, College of Business FA Representative (2016-2019)
Jennifer Turner, Library/Unaffiliated FA Representative (2016-2019)
Emily Stark, College of Social and Behavioral Sciences FA Representative (2016-2019)
Bertha Proctor, College of Science, Engineering, and Technology FA Representative (2016-2019)
Alissa Morson, International Program Office Representative (2017-2020)
Marie Slotemaker, Advising Forum & MSUAASF Representative (2016-2019)

The following positions are currently vacant:
College of Education FA Representative
Undergraduate Research Center Representative
Undergraduate Student Representative
Graduate Student Representative