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Joint Meeting Budget and Planning Sub Meets -
January 24, 2003

Present: Karen Boubel, Rosemary Kinne, Dean Trauger, Rhys Gaffer, Susan Coultrap-McQuin, Yueh-Ting Lee, Louis Schwartzkopf, Steve Smith, Maureen Prenn, Mark Johnson, Chris Mickle, Cynthia Janney, Brian Boettcher, Ali Raza, John Winkworth, Paul Schwinghammer, John Thoemke, Steve Stoynoff, Gretta Handke, Jim Petersen, David Cowan, Chris Connolly, Kellian Clink, Rose Marie Ley, Joan Roca, Kevin Buisman, Penugond Rajendra, Malcolm O’Sullivan, René Hersrud

Karen Boubel welcomed the group and asked the co-chairs of the Planning and Budget Sub Meets to comment on what they perceive to be the purpose of these meetings and to explain how planning and budget impact each other. Two thoughts were expressed:

1. To develop a set of guiding values so that when the administration has to make choices the decisions do not seem to be capricious.
2. This group has many voices from different areas and can determine the critical issues.

Dr. Boubel emphasized the importance of communication for these joint meetings. Minutes/notes will be shared, as well as other communications. Communications will be shared with the campus about the purpose of the joint meetings as well as updates as the semester progresses.

A “brainstorming” session ensued, led by Susan Coultrap-McQuin. The following list of MSU objectives is the result of this session:

- promote student learning
- recruit and retain students
- increase diversity
- community outreach
- quality graduate programs
- good working conditions
- quality classroom instruction
- providing health care
- maintaining instructional resources and library services
- providing quality student services
- recruit & retain faculty
- excellent customer service
- keep good value education
- contribute to needs within state and region
- economic systems (knowledge/understanding of)
- maintain physical infrastructure
- showcase technology uses
- learning that is aligned with modern needs
- provide access to qualified students
- incentives for students to stay on campus
- better ways to get unbiased information to students, other than The Reporter
- affordable education for international students
- encourage recruitment/retention for international students
- enable students to get education with minimal amount of personal debt
- safe, secure learning and teaching environment
- maximize percent of resources going to direct instruction
- give knowledge of ecological systems
- seek more external resources such as grants and fund raising
- provide professional development for faculty/staff
- preserve and expand our research capabilities
- equip our students to be good citizens in the global community
- provide undergraduate and graduate programs
- provide learning for modern needs
- provide safe, secure learning environment

The group was then asked to choose their top five items. After voting by a show of hands, the list was narrowed down to the following five objectives:

- provide quality classroom instruction in a safe, secure learning and teaching environment
- promote student learning that is aligned with modern needs
- recruit/retain diverse student body
- maintain good value education
- maintain physical infrastructure

The question, “what are modern needs?” was raised. Various responses included technology; working in groups; diversity; tolerance.

Karen Boubel will review the list of brainstorming items and try to categorize/include them under the five objectives.

The document, “Strategies for Managing University Resources,” was distributed. This document will also be sent electronically to all committee members.

Dean Trauger mentioned the Budget website, which contains a summary of factors we have as “unknowns”; you could make your own assumptions as to what might be reduced, etc. David Cowan stated that the budget principles are also listed on the website (click on Finance & Administration/budget office/budget issues & latest news).

Kellian Clink reported that other groups are also working on issues, i.e., enrollment management group

A timeline was discussed so that we can determine what we can accomplish on campus before the Legislature adjourns in May.

Future meetings will be held on a regular meeting day for either the Budget or Planning Sub Meet.

Cheryl Temple, Recorder

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