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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Contracts - Resource Guide

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Per Minnesota State Board Procedure 5.14.2 Minnesota State University, Mankato is required to prepare Professional/Technical contracts for all companies and individuals who will be paid to perform a task or service - no matter what the dollar amount is.   Examples of Professional/Technical contracts would include, but are not limited to speakers, entertainers and consultants.  All accounts, including student organizations, activity accounts, grants, foundation, etc., are required to use contracts. 

How to Initiate a Professional/Technical Service Contract

Step 1 - Process a PCS Electronic Purchase Order

  • A vendor number is necessary in order to prepare a purchase order.  If the vendor has worked on campus before they may already have a vendor number.  If not, you will need to have the vendor self-register through the State of Minnesota. Please select the following link for instructions on how this new process works.
  • Processing a PCS Electronic Purchase Order does not initiate a contract.  Please fill out the Contract form.
  • For assistance in processing a PCS electronic purchase order, please contact Cheryl Haefner, Business Services at 389-5017 or email                   

Step 2 - Request a Contract

  • To request a contract, please complete the online Contract form and submit to Department of Finance and Administration at WA238 or email the form to The Contract Form must be completed to initiate a contract. You can also use this form when requesting other types of contracts, agreements, leases, etc.
  • Minnesota State has not approved electronic signatures. To ensure the contract is fully signed before work begins, submit the Contract Form at least 4-6 weeks prior to work beginning.
  • Contracts must be fully signed before any work or services begin to comply with Minnesota Statutes 16A.15.  If work begins prior to a contract being fully signed, you are in violation of this Statute and a 16A.15 form will be sent to you for completion.  16A violation forms are kept on file and are subject to review by internal and legislative audit.  
  • For assistance to initiate a contract, please contact Diane Huettl, Office of Finance & Administration at 389-6623 or email

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Only authorized personnel with an approved Delegation of Authority (on file with the Finance & Administration Office) may sign contracts obligating Minnesota State University, Mankato.  Currently, Richard Straka, Vice President of Finance & Administration, is authorized to sign contractual obligations up to $100,000.00.  Richard Davenport, President, signs obligations of $100,000.00 and above along with an authorized approval from the Office of the Chancellor (the Contracts Office will obtain).
  • Any agreements/contracts that are not on Minnesota State templates, must be submitted to Diane Huettl at WA238 or by email at for review and signature.
  • Funds must be encumbered prior to the contract’s start date or final signature (whichever occurs later) to certify that the Accounting System shows sufficient encumbrance in the account.
  • Amendments/Addendums will not be initiated if an invoice is submitted for more than the contracted amount.  Please calculate contracted dollar amounts carefully. To initiate an amendment/addendum, please email    
  • If you would like to hire a State employee, please contact the Human Resources Office.
  • If you would like to hire a student enrolled in six (6) or more credits, please contact the Student Payroll Office.
  • Submit one Contract Form for services needed through a fiscal year.

Step 3 - Complete the payment process

  • For individuals or companies who do not normally provide their own invoice, a CS1441 (PDF) should be completed.   Upon completion of services, the form must be signed by both the authorized department approver and the vendor.  Please forward the completed form to Business Services (WA236).
  • All invoices should include a purchase order number, the dates of service and a summary of services provided.
  • Checks will be mailed to the company or individual after work is completed.  No check will be processed for pickup unless it is a requirement of the company or individual.
  • For assistance in processing payments, please contact Cindy Rossow in Business Services at 389-2369 or email at

Service Construction Contracts are initiated with Donna Hensel in Facilities Management. Examples of Service Construction Contracts would include but are not limited to on-campus installations and repairs.  Service Contracts with a value of $50,000.00 or more will require a Request for Proposal process

Thank you for your assistance in helping Minnesota State University, Mankato comply with Minnesota State Policies.