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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Campus Drive Testimonials

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Why support Minnesota State Mankato?

If you'd like to submit a testimonial about why YOU choose to support Minnesota State, please contact Lucette Hurley by email or phone 507-389-5279.

Dr. Diane BergeDr. Diane Berge, ’78, Associate Director of Admissions & Undergraduate International Admissions Specialist, 1987 Campus Drive Chair

“I cannot recall a time when I didn’t contribute to our Campus Drive. What I do clearly remember is that though my earliest contributions were small, they were always acknowledged with appreciation and they also got me in the “habit” of giving. Then, a few years after I first started to regularly contribute, I was asked by President Margaret Preska to Chair the 1987 Campus Drive. It went well and I have been a regular contributor via Payroll Deduction every year since then… increasing my Per Pay Period gift a bit with each Drive.

I truly believe that as a University employee, IF I am NOT willing to invest in this university, then how in the world can I (we) expect others to invest in us. Why not start out like I did and sign up for a $1 or $2 Payroll Deduction every two weeks. Then next year make it $3 or $4, and once you too get in the “habit” of giving this way, trust me, you‘ll never notice it. And the university’s students and programs will benefit greatly from your generosity.”

Dave CowanDavid Cowan, Facilities Services, 2009 Campus Drive Chair

"Can this campus surprise even old dogs like me? MSU employees are “champs” in my book digging deep in their pockets as they do to donate. This behavior “trumps” the list of reasons not to help out. Even a wage freeze doesn’t stop the troops from giving. I love working at this place surrounded by givers who still take the time to poke me in the eye about parking, budget shortfalls, and the weather."

Linda DuckettDr. Linda Duckett, Professor of Music

"Dear Members of the Minnesota State Mankato Family,
Recently a colleague and I had a conversation about our institution, the fact that it is a privilege to be part of our campus family—to teach, to study, to contribute professionally to our shared mission and goals. That conversation about privilege soon transferred in my mind to the next stage, to thinking about the privilege we—the members of the professional community—have to be on the “giving” side of the equation. As Minnesota State Mankato employees we are part of a substantial and very important ecosystem, and all of us are essential to our shared institutional successes. It has been my pleasure and privilege (through special gifts and payroll deductions) to contribute to several vital, yet different kinds of programs-- to scholarships and enrichment offerings. This is the best time and opportunity to support our campus community and to give to the Campus Drive—it’s a privilege to be part of the Minnesota State Mankato Family efforts for fund- and friend-raising!"

Dr. Marilyn FoxDr. Marilyn Fox, Interim Dean of the College of Business and Professor, Department of Management, 1997 Campus Drive Chair

“For over 20 years I have had the honor and privilege of working with countless dedicated faculty and staff at Minnesota State Mankato. I am especially proud of those faculty in the College of Business who not only share their time and expertise with students but also give back through their many contributions to the Campus Drive to support scholarships and programs. Teaching and learning is a reciprocal activity, and although we often are told that we positively impact students lives in many ways, your contributions are a way to say "thanks" to our students for inspiring us to make Minnesota State University, Mankato a great place to work and learn ourselves. Thank you for considering a gift.”

Pam GohlPam Gohl, Intercollegiate Athletics, 2010 Campus Drive Chair

“I’ve seen it first hand when our own Minnesota State Mankato Women's Basketball team won the 2008-2009 NCAA Division II National Championship: when a team works together and believes in each other, they can overcome any deficit to achieve their dreams. I will admit that when I first became employed at Minnesota State, I started giving at a small amount - the minimum payroll deduction. But, the longer I have been here on this campus and in this community the more I have grown to love everything about our MSU. I truly care about Minnesota State and it's evident to me in my work on campus that a lot of us care about our MSU.

I have found that there is more joy in giving than receiving. The contributions we each make individually as we work together to overcome the obstacles we face are what makes this campus special. We each work in our own way to take care of our campus community. Please be a Champion and help support Minnesota State by giving a gift today!”

Teri Homer, Physical Plant, 1996 Campus Drive Chair

“I was asked today why I give each year to the campus drive and the answer is relatively simple. Our students are our future and after 26 years of working here at Minnesota State Mankato I have seen the positive impact we have on the future leaders of higher education.

Over the years I’ve seen students in sports, law enforcement, nursing and dental leave here to become pillars in the community and throughout the country. We see them day to day but forget the faces and or names but later they come back for visits or we see them in their professional environments. The smiles and thank you for the work we put into their educational experience is gratifying knowing that these adults have moved forward beyond the classroom. Some people in the community see only the student who is disorderly or in the paper for one reason or another but we have a chance to see and help prepare them for the future.

Now with a few years left at MSU I can say my monetary donation helped some student to realize their goal and dreams. It doesn’t require a second mortgage but what one may call pocket change. Taken out of your check each pay period, the contribution will not be missed and you will feel good knowing you have helped.”

Joel JensenJoel Jensen, '93, '01, '05, Associate Director of Security

"My Father served the University as a faculty member for twenty-seven years. My late Mother was an alumna, my Wife is an alumna, I am an alumnus—my son-in-law too. I was lucky enough to attend elementary and high school on campus—literally third grade through graduate school. I’ve had the pleasure of serving the Minnesota State Mankato community for almost twenty years as a staff member. You might say that the institution has supported me most of my life and continues to do so—hopefully for a long time! So you can see that I’ve experienced and enjoyed the many benefits and experiences that this wonderful institution provides through family, as a student, and as a staff member.

I've also had the pleasure of working with and getting to know countless Minnesota State Mankato students, faculty, staff, and administrators during my career. I’ve developed lifelong friendships and professional networks here at this special place—a place integral to my life. The Campus Drive—what an easy way to say “Thank You” Minnesota State Mankato for allowing me to be a part of a proud history and a vibrant future. I urge all of my colleagues to say “Thank You” too by giving to the Campus Drive."

Caryn LindsayCaryn Lindsay, Director of International Programs, Kearney International Center (Student ID Photo – Germany, 1983)

“I contribute to the Study Abroad Scholarship Fund because I’d like every student to have the chance to study in another country. My experience as a student in Germany continues to enrich my life to this day. It taught me self-reliance and helped me to refine my career goals. Study abroad changed me in fundamental ways. The interaction with students from many different countries challenged me to explore my own beliefs about race, politics, morality and religion. The funny thing is, you go abroad to learn about others, but return with a deeper understanding of yourself! Won’t you join me in making this opportunity available to more of our students?”

Michael MeekerMichael Meeker, '08

Michael Meeker is a 2008 graduate with a degree in Elementary Education from Mantorville, Minnesota. As an incoming first-year student, Michael received the prestigious four-year Presidential Scholarship which covers the majority of tuition and fees. Michael has also received two scholarships from the College of Education. His experience at Minnesota State demonstrates how your contributions make a tremendous difference. "The scholarships have given me a chance to fully pursue my dreams which comes at a much greater value than money," Meeker says. "I have the opportunity to focus on my classes, get involved in the community, and take on leadership roles here on campus. I truly feel I am getting the best education possible. Every year I am able to fully engage myself in my classes, leadership experiences, and volunteer work. The scholarships have given me my wings to fly and I am graciously using them to fly far beyond my utmost potential."

Todd PfingstenTodd Pfingsten, Director of Campus Recreation, 2012 Campus Drive Chair

"I give to the Campus Drive because I enjoy giving back to my alma mater – I’m a proud Maverick. I give back to the institution which gave me my first career opportunity and the chance for me to find my passion. I was a recipient of scholarships in college and I feel good about being able to give back, and to be able to provide scholarship money for other deserving students.

Every dollar makes a difference. Scholarships mean students can spend more time studying, learning, growing, doing research, and becoming our future problem solvers and leaders. Our students truly are our future."

Jeff PribylDr. Jeffrey R. Pribyl, Professor, Chemistry and Geology, 2008 Campus Drive Chair

“Thinking back over my 20 years on our campus, I remember best those students who impacted me as an instructor. There are those students whose questions in the laboratory have made me say “YES!” they understand the material. There are those students who just by their presence in class make me want to come to work each day. I give to Minnesota State Mankato because I know it will positively impact the lives of our students, but more importantly I give because of the students who have impacted my life.

I admit that during my first few years, I did not give money to the University. There were many reasons for this; I had school debts, I thought it was the responsibility of others and that all the time I spent at the University was a contribution. But slowly over the years those reasons lost their attraction. Yes, I still donate my time but now I also donate money. My contributions are driven primarily because of the positive impact students have had in my life and I feel it is a small gesture of saying thanks to the past, present and future students whose paths cross mine.”

Stewart RossStewart Ross, Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, 2007 Campus Drive Chair

"I arrived at Minnesota State Mankato (then Mankato State University) in March 1977, right out of a Ph.D. program at Northwestern University. I was hired for just 9 weeks to finish out the term of a faculty member who had become ill. Little did I know I would end up getting married here and having two children, now both in their twenties…and celebrating 30 years at the institution last year!

The University is my home. I look forward to coming to work every day. We have wonderful, caring faculty who work hard to be the best teachers they can be. However, there are never enough resources to aid our students and faculty in the pursuit of excellence. Therefore, it is my great pleasure to make annual donations to Minnesota State Mankato. It just makes good sense to give to the place at which I work.

I hope all faculty and staff will think carefully about the importance of making a donation to the University, no matter how small. What a great time to make your first donation or increase your donation made last year. The University continues to be a leader in so many ways. Won’t you please consider that gift this year? Together we can make a difference!"

Helen WaltersHelen Walters, Office Manager, Facilities Services, 2006 Campus Drive Chair

"I have had the opportunity to offer over 20 years of service to Minnesota State University, Mankato, in areas of transportation, Risk Management, Materials Management and the Minnesota State system in which we have been acknowledged for our strength and dedication to Minnesota State Mankato.

Contributions to the Campus Drive allow you to share your University pride with incoming students and families that have chosen Minnesota State Mankato to pursue career courses. I also have had the opportunity to serve as Campus Drive Chairperson in 2006. I was able to see firsthand the numerous hours that students, staff and administration offer to this effort. They compliment all of us on their hard work. We should feel fortunate to have the privilege to offer a contribution small or large back to the University. Your gift will allow scholarships to be offered to your friends and family members. They will be thankful to you!"

Carol WerhanCarol Werhan, Director of Field Experience

"I give to the Campus Drive because it is a really convenient way to do a good thing! My contribution combined with others adds up to some significant money. The way I see it, any way I can support our students and programs will pay off in a better work and learning environment for everyone."

Kathie Wilcox, Office Manager, Printing Services

"Giving to the Campus Drive is one small way you can make the world a better place to live in. I challenge you to consider at least investing a dollar a paycheck to an area you’re interested in. I personally know and keep in contact with several scholarship recipients who have great careers and are making this world a better place to live in because of the scholarships they had while attending Minnesota State Mankato. This investment really pays off big and you may actually want to give more and do more! Why not give back to a place that has enriched your life? Thank you for considering this great opportunity which changes lives!"