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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Student Testimonials

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Why did you give to the Student Philanthropy Challenge (SPC)?


Social Work major, Junior

“Minnesota State University, Mankato is a great place for people to get a quality education. I choose to attend Minnesota State because I know my degree will guide me into my future goals. I give to Minnesota State yearly because I want to help current and future students be able to reach their goals by receiving a quality education at a low cost.”

Nursing major, Senior

"I gave to the student philanthropy challenge because I think it is really important to donate to MN State and increase the value of our degrees. It is also a great feeling knowing that the money I gave will go to improve our school and help others."

Public Relations major, Senior

"I understand the importance of giving back especially to an institution I will continue to benefit from for the rest of my life. I chose to give to the Mass Communications Department. If I can help my program grow, its value will increase and so will my career opportunities."

Accounting & Corporate Finance double major, Junior

“I chose to participate in the Student Philanthropy Challenge because I understand how important it is to support our school. I chose to give to my major, directly for scholarships because I know that it will help my major grow along with helping other students. I know how good it feels to receive a scholarship for working hard and it's cool to think that I'm helping to provide that feeling for someone else. It really just feels good to help knowing that the money I could be spending on fast food could instead be spent furthering my education.”

Law Enforcement & Sociology double major, Senior

"I understand the impact of every gift the school gets. So many people have pledged their support to Minnesota State Mankato, and by doing so have helped shape it into the respectable institution it is today. I feel that giving that support back now, even if I can't give as much as I'd like to yet, sets an example of philanthropy for others to follow. It shows that students here really do care about the well being of others, and truly take pride in their school."

Sarah BethSarah Beth
English, Senior

"I gave because my school gave to me, it's as simple as that. I have some very special professors who've helped me along the way, and I want to show my appreciation. I also know that the buildings and supplies the school has come from donations, and my donation will help future students with their educations."

Manufacturing Engineering Technology major, Senior

"I gave to the SPC because of my association with the Annual Fund, and I know how important it is to give back to MN State, because I am a student also, and I know how costly education can be."