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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Alumni Sweetheart Stories

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There are approximately 100,000 alumni worldwide and there is a special group of 16,500 alumni that are married to alumni.

Did you meet your sweetheart during college or after college?

Please share your story and we'll post it here.

On behalf of the 15,500 students continuing to pursue and achieve their dreams, thank you for remembering your alma mater. Go Mavericks!

DeVon Wayne (’52) and Fae (’53) Linn

"While a senior at Fairmont High School, I was the sports editor of the school paper and annual. Upon graduation I entered the military, receiving and reading the local paper, Fairmont Daily Sentinel, during my tour. On occasion, there would be some sports news from East Chain High School with the byline, Fae Anderson.

In the fall of 1949 I became a student at MSTC majoring in Biology and Chemistry. One of the required classes was Speech 101 with Mr. Beekman/Beckman (?), which I took in winter term 1950. In that class was THE Fae Anderson and our meeting became a lifetime of togetherness. Our first date was to the von Trapp Family Singers, who made “The Sound of Music” famous. If we’d know that was to happen, we wish we saved the program. We remember clearly their appeal for used clothing for sending to their beloved homeland. They traveled by bus and told the audience where the bus was parked, so people could bring the used items to the bus, which they would pack and ship.

Our courtship flourished and was carried on without a car, walking wherever we went in town. Both of us were working, so going out was an occasional event with having bean soup at the Wagon Wheel on Sunday night becoming a tradition. We shared a locker and would leave notes for each other as we came and went.

I graduated in June 1952 and went to work at the Mayo Clinic, while Fae completed her degree in Home Economics and graduated in March 1953. We married March 28, 1953 and began a shared life of adventure over these 56 years, attaining an M.S. and Ph.D. for me along the way.

We have lived in seven states (visiting 46 all together) – and I lived in Alaska for three summers while working on the life history of salmon as a fisheries research biologist for the University of Washington. We added two African nations (and have visited 34 other nations in our travels) with a two year tour in the Peace Corps in Malawi where I was Chief Fisheries Officer and we had our three children with us. Ten years later I had a two year teaching contract at the University of Swaziland and we had our teenage son with us. That was the fourth university with which we were affiliated as teaching faculty. While in Malawi a local indigenous aquarium fish was named for me, Nimbochromis linni, a rare recognition for a Peace Corps Volunteer and biologist.

Over the years as a couple and family, Fae has worked as a dietetic aid at St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, food service supervisor at Oregon State University, a medical clerk at Children’s Hospital in Seattle, health care working and other volunteer duties while in the Peace Corps in Malawi, Elderhostel registration clerk at Southern Oregon University (where we ended my academic career and as noted, our lifeline was driven by my career opportunities). Fae continues her volunteer pathway as a pink lady at Ashland Community Hospital, serving as president; as well as being a wife and mom over all these years of our lifeline.

Meanwhile, back to sports. I officiated football for 18 years and we continue to be spectators at our local high school and university sporting events; as well as keeping fit ourselves at the YMCA and walking, biking and swimming. That sports byline became a lifeline, when we connected at MSTC those many years ago. “

Joal (’90) and Kim (’89) Kleinow

“We first met at a Mavericks Swim Team meeting. I sat next to Joal and we started talking. He was handsome and athletic. I didn’t see him again until the last home swim meet, parent’s night, where we sat next to each other on some folding chairs on the pool deck. We talked through most of the meet, started dating, I dumped my other boyfriend, and we have been together ever since.

We’ve been married for 20 years and have three wonderful children together, all of whom are swimmers. We get to visit Mankato State for our children’s swim meets held at the pool there and we always look at the spot on the pool deck where we made our connection.”

Fred (‘69, ’71) and Marcy (’69) Schramm

"We met at the first flying class at MSU. There were about 38 male students and 2 female students. The course consisted of 40 hours of ground school, numerous hours of flight time and a long final test. Myron Miller was our flight instructor.

On July 2, 1969; Marcy flew from Mankato to Minneapolis International. Myron said Marcy would have a passenger, Fred. Fred got in the back seat and Myron tried to get Marcy lost. As Myron was trying to get Marcy lost, she turned and winked at Fred. After landing, we discussed the trip with Myron in his office. We walked out to the cars together. After 10 minutes, Marcy decided Fred was the man she wanted to marry.

Before the final test, Fred talked to Marcy. There were two people at the table and we sat together. Marcy was so nervous that she didn’t think she could concentrate. After the test, Fred called to ask Marcy out. After the date, Fred said “Thank You and Good Night.” Marcy didn’t know if she would ever see him again. Marcy was going with another person, but she knew if she never saw Fred again, she would always be looking for someone like him. 

Marcy went on a summer trip to Michigan with a girlfriend. She sent Fred post cards. She sent him a wooden postcard and this told him that she loved him. They were married at the Campus Lutheran Church on June 12, 1971."

Mark (’96) and April (’96) Huntsinger

“Mark and I are actually high school sweethearts. I followed Mark down to the University of Kansas after high school and soon realized that it was not going to work for me financially. Mark really wanted us to be together so he followed me back to Minnesota. We researched schools and chose Mankato State together. We married the summer before our senior year. We’ve been married for 13 years and we have two children. We have fond memories of our time in college together and we try to visit Mankato a few times a year to reminisce.”

Gary (’72) and Linda (’71) Sigler

“The year was 1968. Chemistry Lab - I came late. I had a choice. Being the shy type, I chose an empty table when I could have teamed up with "Carol", I believe her name was. Linda came in even later. She had a choice too, between Carol and myself. Thinking I, being the guy, would be smarter in chemistry, Linda chose to team up with me. As far as the lab went, Linda couldn't have been more wrong. Carol ended up getting an "A" for her grade. I received a "C". Linda received a "B", but she also got a husband. We've been married 38 years and together we had 3 wonderful children. I'm the lucky one! It's amazing how life's plan works.”

Terry (’73) and Cheryl (Nelson, ’74) Harstad

“I grew up in Minneapolis, and my parents wanted me to stay there and go to the U, as so many did. I fought them and went to Mankato State. I was going to summer school, and there weren't a whole lot of people around. There was a birthday party at the Hurdy Gurdy downtown. I didn't have homework yet, so went down, and met the birthday boy on June 13, 1972. He asked if I would give him a birthday kiss, and I said NO. We went out a few times, and married in October 1974. We have been married ever since, and we laugh about the good old times in Mankato. He had a blue convertible and lived in Village Towers- I should have known better- but we are still married and happy living in Austin, Texas.”