Minnesota State University has more than 1800 employees who all deserve a great place to work.

"A Great Place to Work is characterized by individuals who trust the people they work with, have pride in what they do, enjoy the people they work with and have opportunities to learn and grow."

The Great Place to Work Task Force is committed to making sure that Minnesota State Mankato is indeed a great place to work for every employee. Since 2007, the task force has completed two employee surveys and posted the results of each in full detail on this Web site. Please read the executive summaries and dive deeper into the most recent survey results.

The survey results have given us many reasons to be proud. They have also brought to light areas that need attention, which inspired the Great Place to Work Task Force to form specific action groups to address areas that need improvement. Those groups are considering both long- and short-term solutions, but the task force is also eager for ongoing employee input about how Minnesota State Mankato can become an even greater place to work. Comments are welcome at any time and can be emailed to

For up-to-date news on the Task Force's work, bookmark this page. It will be routinely updated as progress continues toward improving the workplace for everyone.

The goal is to ensure the University remains a source of pride and satisfaction for its employees–that it indeed is a Great Place to Work.