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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Timeline: What Now?

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Fountain and Students

Timeline: A chronology of the efforts to make Minnesota State University a great workplace.

August 2007. In his convocation speech, Minnesota State University President Richard Davenport states "I would like to see Minnesota State become the overall best place to work in Minnesota." He calls for the formation of a task force to work toward that goal.

Fall 2007. Responding to the president's request, The Great Place to Work Task force is formed, consisting of representatives across the campus administration, faculty and staff.

The Task Force engages the University's Organizational Effectiveness Research Group (OERG) to create and conduct the 2008 Great Place to Work Survey.

March 2008. The 2008 Great Place to Work Survey is distributed to 1,619 employees, 694 of whom respond. Covering nine areas of workplace concerns, the survey is hoped to provide the task force with information needed to address problem areas and maintain areas of strength.

Fall 2008. Using survey results, The Great Place to Work Task Force establishes subcommittees to address specific areas of the University workplace.

Spring 2009. Strategies called for in the subcommittee reports will be put into action.

August 2009. An annual report on the Task Force's accomplishments will be presented to President Richard Davenport.

November 2009. The Great Place to Work Task Force again engaged the services of OERG to create and conduct the 2009 Work Climate Survey, which was distributed to 1,614 employees. More employees responded in 2009 than in 2008—781, as compared to 694.  The entire 2009 Work Climate Survey Final Report can be reviewed at

January 2010. In the fall of 2008, more than 1,100 students, staff and faculty responded to an e-mail asking them to list the three values that they identify most with Minnesota State Mankato. After much creative input from the University community via roundtable discussions, staff/faculty/student forums and additional e-mail communications, President Davenport approved Integrity, Diversity, Access, Responsibility and Excellence as the University’s Core Values.  You can view Minnesota State Mankato’s Vision, Values and Mission statements at 

February 2010. The Workplace Environment subcommittee began revising the Workplace Environment Policy and Employee Complaint Procedure.  A new complaint form for workplace environment and bullying complaints began development at the same time. The new and revised documents should be available for campus review and comment in October 2010.


The Great Place to Work Task Force welcomes questions and comments. Emails can be sent to