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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Commencement Apparel

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You may purchase apparel through the Barnes and Noble Bookstore on campus.


Undergraduate Apparel (includes tax)

Gown: $32.34
Cap: $14.00
Tassel: $10.77
Undergrad Pack (includes all of the above): $49.60

Honor Medallions: $16.16. If you qualify for academic honors, you can purchase your Honor Medallion through the online Commencement Registration form.

Graduate Apparel (includes tax)

Gown: $35.58
Cap: $14.00
Tassel: $10.77
Hood: $45.29
Grad Pack (includes all of the above): $92.75

Doctoral Apparel (includes tax)

Gown: $70.10
Tam and Tassel: $46.36
Hood: $59.31
Grad Pack (includes all of the above): $162.87

Proper Wearing of the Academic Hood

Place the hood around your neck and shoulders so that the major portion hangs down the back. The velvet border of the hood should be on the outside, nearest the shoulders. The black base of the hood, around the velvet, should be smoothed into place as it is positioned over the shoulders and down the back. Fasten the cord in front of the hood to your shirt, dress or gown to keep the hood away from your neck. To expose the lining, turn the velvet border to the outside below your shoulders at the back of your gown. The cord will keep the hood from falling off your shoulders.

Proper Wearing of the Tassel

Before the ceremony, if you are receiving your undergraduate degree, your college tassel should be worn on the right of the mortar board. During the ceremony, President Davenport will ask for you to move your tassel from right to left signifying the completion of your degree. Those receiving their masters, specialist or doctoral degree, your tassel should be worn on the left of the mortar board or tam.