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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Environmental Committee

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The Environmental Committee was first organized during the 2008 Fall Semester by directive of University President Richard Davenport.  The Environmental Committee is unique in that membership is composed of members from each of the bargaining units along with MSSA representatives and engaged students.

Charter (PDF)


Monthly on the Fourth Wednesday @ 3pm in the CSU

2013-2014 Academic Year

Staff (voting)

  1. Erica Johnson - MUSAASF, Registrar's Office - Assistant Registrar, Chairperson
  2. Monika Antonelli - IFO, Library Services
  3. Medea Myhra - MAPE, Chemistry
  4. Mary Nere - AFSCME, votes in absence of Kim Rademaker
  5. Kim Rademaker - AFSCME, Integrated Marketing
  6. Louis Schwartzkopf - Retired, Physics emeritus
  7. Gary Urban - MAPE, votes in abscence of Medea Myhra
  8. Barry Wilkins, - MMA, Physical Plant
  9. Youwen Xu - IFO

Staff (non-voting)

  1. Ron Fields - Assistant VP for Facilities Managemnt
  2. Beth Holcomb - Faclities Management, Environmental Committee Secretary


  1. Michael Hanson, Co-Chair
  2. Chris Collins, MSSA
  3. Ganisher Davlyatov, MSSA
  4. Katelyn Dick, MSSA Alternative
  5. Daphne Drossart, MSSA Alternative
  6. Paige Sparkman, MSSA Alternative
  7. Nachelle Swift, Student Body, Environmental Sciences

Prior Year Members