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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

What We Do - Departments

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Encouraging responsible stewardship of our resources on and off campus.

Business Services

  • Direct Deposit of Student Payroll Checks (99.5%)
  • Paperless Student Tax Documents (Tax Form 1098-T Tuition Statement and Tax Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement) via Student e-Services
  • Recycling/Shredding
  • Email correspondence vs paper
  • Web accounting vs MnSCU printed reports
  • 90% Energy Efficient PSU computers
  • Printers - power save/sleep modes
  • Recycle toners

Campus Computer StoreCSU Ballroom - Sustainability Posters

Campus Hub/Student Financial Services

  • Direct Deposit of Financial Aid Overages vs printed checks
  • Recycling/Shredding
  • Email correspondence vs paper
  • 90% Energy Efficient PSU computers
  • Printers - power save/sleep modes
  • Recycle Toners

Centennial Student Union

Facilities Management

  • Lighting
    • Flourescent T8 electronic ballast
      • Campus-wide retrofit 1994-1998
      • Lighting levels adjusted to Illumination Engineering Standards
    • LED Exit signs - from as much as 40W to 5W (on 24/7)
    • Occupancy Sensors
      • Hallways
      • Bathrooms
      • Classrooms
    • Daylight Sensors
    • Some digital lighting controls
  • Windows
    • Replace with Low-E where possible
    • UV Film (Wigley Administration)
    • Natural lighting (Ford Hall)
  • HVAC
    • Direct Digital Controls
    • Fan Scheduling
    • Variable Air Volume (VAV) systems with Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) on fan motors
    • High efficiency motors (part of Minnesota Energy Code)Campus Pictures
    • CO2 Sensor for outdoor air settings in selected zones
    • Pool heat recovery unit
  • Water Conservation
    • Reduced flow fixtures - selected buildings
    • Computer controlled irrigation - Evapotraspiration (temp, wind, solar, rainfall)
  • Ford Hall examples – construction techniques
  • Windows, natural lighting, etc.
  • Hazard Waste Management
  • Recycling of old computers and equipment
  • E-85 Vehicles
  • State-Car replacement cycles
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Waste Stream Management (PDF)
  • Recycling
  • Campus Beautification
    • Carefully selected blend of more sustainable, less water consumptive perennials will replace a portion of the shorter-lived, water and labor intensive annuals.  The blooming period will be extended and water will be conserved through this initiative.
    • Old growth will be composted and returned to the earth to help fertilize future plantings.
  • Earth Day
  • MSU Gardens
  • MSU Bike Racks | Map (PDF)

Information & Technology Services

  • Going Green
  • Virtual Servers (less equipment, power, heat)
  • Computer replacement cycles
  • All-in-one machines (labs)
  • Toner usage
  • Printers startup/sleep times
  • Duplex printing
  • Display replacements cycle
  • LCD & LED Displays
  • Electric delivery vehicles

Intercollegiate Athletics

Memorial Library

Parking & Transporation ServicesCampus Pictures

Printing Services - Copy Shoppes

  • Recycling - We recycle all of our toner/drums/waste containers through the Xerox Green World Alliance
  • Green Paper - 50% less tree utilization, less processing of
  • Solid ink printing - about a dozen multi-function devices that use solid ink and produce very little waste. 
  • Promote the use of MFP (Multi-function printers) to save electricity (copier/printer/fax/scanner)  One device drawing power, rather than four. 
  • Computer to plate - no longer use any chemicals.

Residential Life

  • New Residence Hall - 2010, Low-flow toilets
  • Recycling - Recycling efforts include aluminum cans, tin cans, plastic, cardboard, glass, and paper (all types). Recycling containers are located throughout the resident communities.
  • Residential Life is Living Green!
  • Dumpster Diversion Program - The Dumpster Diversion Program collects useful items you would otherwise throw away and diverts them to area thrift stores so they can be used by others. This popular program is a joint venture of the Department of Residential Life and serveral non-profits including Habitat for Humanity ReStore and MVAC Again Thrift & More Store. Last week of school in May.


Student Activities

Student Financial Services

  • Direct Deposit of Financial Aid (82.8%) (reduction of paper and toner usage)
  • Online Response Forms
  • Email communication vs paper letters
  • Online FAFSA applications

University DiningUniversity Dining - Local food - Going Green - Trayless Dining

  • Cutting waste Sodexo helps MSU become more environmentally conscious (MSU Reporter 12.01.2010)
  • Spring 2010 - Trayless Tuesdays
  • Replaced Styrofoam containers with compostable papers in Retail Areas in the Centennial Student Union, Wissink Hall and Myers Field Market Place.
  • An eco-friendly option for the CSU (MSU Reporter 12.01.2009)
  • Making a Difference - Once Cup at a Time (MSU Reporter 1.28.2010)
  • Social Responsibility
  • Ecotainers
  • Reusable Mugs