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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Evaluation Components

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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Comprehensive Evaluation Preparation

Open Pathway - Year 10 Comprehensive Evaluation
Site Visit March 28-29, 2016

Key Evaluation Components:

Quality Initiative

What: Higher Learning Commission Academy Project Focusing on Student Learning that was launched in June 2011. The project is focused in three areas: Reviewing the current and implementing a revised comprehensive assessment system for general education outcomes; Designing, implementing and evaluating writing/writing intensive assessment; and Establishing a comprehensive assessment system for institutional student learning outcomes. The project will conclude in Spring 2015 with a Quality Initiative Report submitted to the Higher Learning Commission and participation in the Academy Results Forum.
Who: Higher Learning Commission Assessment Academy Steering Committee
When: June 2011-June 2015 (Completed)
See the MSU, Mankato HLC Academy for Assessment of Student Learning

Federal Compliance Review

What: Review of 10 areas including: Assignment of Credits, Program Length, and Tuition; Institutional Records of Student Complaints; Publication of Transfer Policies; Practices for Verification of Student Identity; Title IV Program Responsibilities; Required Information for Students and the Public; Advertising and Recruitment Materials and Other Public Information; Review of Student Outcome Data; Standing with State and Other Agencies; Public Notification of Opportunity to Comment. Review results in submission of a comprehensive Federal Compliance Filing.
Student Financial Services, Registrar, Office of the Provost, Enrollment Operations, Student Affairs, and Office of the President
When: Completed during the 2014-2015/2015-2016 Academic Years

Year 10 Assurance Review

• Assurance Argument (Must be filed 4 weeks prior to on-site visit)
• Evidence Filing
(Is locked with assurance argument 4 weeks prior to on-site visit)
• Assumed Practices
(May be reviewed as deemed necessary during on-site visit)
What: Development of a web-based assurance argument (max. of 35,000 words) articulating how each Core Component within the Criteria is met, web-based evidence file with evidentiary materials directly supporting assurance argument and required by the Commission.
Assurance argument authors, Institutional Research, Planning and Assessment, and an Intermittent HLC Assurance Sub-Committee established under the governance of the Assessment and Evaluation Sub-Meet (Approved 12/2012).
When: Fall 2014-Spring 2016

On-Site Visit - March 28-29, 2016

What: On-site 11⁄2 day visit focused on validating claims made in the institutions Assurance Argument and Evidence File. In addition, the visit includes a Federal Compliance review and other evaluations and required or requested.
Meetings will be held with the institution’s leadership, board, and various individuals and groups responsible for the content of the Assurance Argument and Evidence File.
When: March 28-29, 2016

Commission Decision-Making

The Commission staff brings together the reports from the Year 10 Assurance Review, the On-Site Visit, and the Quality Initiative and forwards them to the HLC Institutional Actions Council (IAC) for decision-making. In Year 10, the decision process includes Commission action regarding reaffirmation of accreditation and determines the institution’s future Pathway eligibility.