Timeline of Accreditation Activities

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Revised Timeline

FALL 2004-SPRING 2005: Self-Study Activities
  1. Accreditation and activities are publicized to campus and community in retreats, workshops
  2. Committee gathers information on Core Components of each Criterion

Note: Campus seeks approval from HLC and Minnesota Online Council to offer online programs.

Update: Nov. 4
Campus visit from HLC Staff Liaison, Dr. Robert Appleson

  1. First draft of Self-Study is prepared
  2. Information is exchanged with campus leaders and leadership groups

Update: Jan. 31
HLC Regional Workshop in Bloomington, MN

  1. Steering Committee attends NCA/HLC Conference (April 8-12, 2005)
  2. Drafts of Self-Study are put online for campus comment and feedback; portions of Self-Study are given to campus leaders and leadership groups for comment
  3. Revised draft of Self-Study is prepared and distributed by semester end
  1. Larsson and Roca continue to revise Self-Study
FALL 2005-SPRING 2006: Re-Accreditation Visit and Follow-up
  1. Revised draft of Self-Study is distributed and discussed; feedback is gathered
  2. Draft is reviewed by outside reader
  1. Draft is reviewed by HLC staff liaison.
  2. Draft is given final  revisions and formatting
  3. Draft is given to HLC for Peer Review Team
  4. Preparations for Team Visit are finalized
  1. Feb. 6-8: Re-Accreditation Visit by HLC Evaluation Team
  2. Committee members attend NCA/HLC Conference (make presentations?)
  3. Committee prepares follow-up report by end of semester
FALL 2006 and beyond
  1. Campus engages in follow-up activities