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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Like most graduation designations, the Honors Program has established a set of requirements you must complete to graduate with honors. In honors, the required combination of coursework and co-curricular activities provides opportunities for you to demonstrate achievement and competency in leadership, research, and global citizenship.

The Honors Program includes a core program of 23 credit hours. We have carefully aligned the majority of honors course requirements with General Education requirements, ensuring that you are not burdened with additional courses. Of the 23 credits, 16 are honors sections of General Education courses, and you'll take 7 more honors credits as advanced electives.

In addition to general education coursework and activities, you must demonstrate competency in a second language. Your language competency can be demonstrated through course completion or examination.

Finally, honors faculty members assist you with the development of an annual personal development plan and an honors portfolio, both of which document your goals and your participation in the required courses and activities. Each plan and portfolio is unique. Your portfolio may include examples of your work, personal reflection of your learning, and other individualized evidence of your progress through your years at Minnesota State Mankato. During your first semester of your senior year, you will present and discuss your portfolio with the honors faculty.

Alternative Honors Program curricula exist for students in high-credit majors, such as Civil Engineering, Nursing, and Dental Hygiene, and for students who arrive at the university having already completed a significant number of credits. Students in these programs will create an individual plan of study with the Program Director.