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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Student Portfolios

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Honors students demonstrate[PDF] key competencies (201 KiB) and show their best work through their portfolios. Portfolios allow students to chart their progress, reflect upon their learning, and show off their best work to prospective graduate schools and employers.

The honors students' portfolio work actually begins each September, when they write annual learning plans that establish their goals for the academic year. From September through May, students collect, select and reflect upon their most impactful experiences. They submit their portfolios for review by the honors faculty each summer. With the help of faculty assessment and guidance, the students use the portfolio review process to chart new goals for their next year.

Read more about [PDF] learning portfolios in higher education. (71 KiB)


Class of 2017



Major: Nursing
Elementary Education


Class of 2018

Major: Biomedical Sciences


Class of 2019

Major: Biomedical Sciences

Major: Mass Media

Major: Math Education


Class of 2020

Major: Marketing

Major: Biomedical Sciences

Major: Exercise Science (Pre-Physical Therapy)