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Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Achievement Awards - Second Nomination Period

It is with pleasure that we announce the second nomination period of the Achievement Award program, as provided for in the following personnel plans or bargaining units: Managerial Plan, Commissioners Plan, MMA, MAPE, MNA, and MGEC.

Nomination Form

Nomination Process:

  1. Supervisors may submit written nominations for those employees whom they believe should receive an achievement award. If individuals observe outstanding performance in an employee who is not their direct report, they may recommend a nomination to the employee's supervisor. Written nominations should be submitted on the attached nomination form and must be submitted to the Human Resources Office by the deadline (May 31, 2013) in order to be considered timely and eligible for achievement award consideration.
  2. The Human Resources Office will confirm eligibility of the nominee by verifying the individual:
    1. Is covered by a bargaining unit or personnel plan eligible to receive an Achievement Award (Managerial Plan, Commissioners Plan, MMA, MAPE, MNA and MGEC), and
    2. Has a satisfactory performance evaluation within the last twelve months.
  3. The designated committee will review nominations and determine which, if any, of the employees have met the established criteria and should receive achievement awards during the review period and the amount of each award. Final approval of all achievement awards must be made by the university leadership team.
  4. After final approval is secured, the Human Resources office will process the awards and retain nomination records.

For fiscal year 2013, 25% of the available award amount was awarded during the March nomination period. The remaining 75% of the achievement awards will be awarded during this second nomination period, with a May 31, 2013 deadline. Nominations will not be automatically carried forward to the subsequent review period. Individuals who submitted nomination forms but were not selected in March, have been notified and can resubmit as appropriate.

Please direct any questions about the nomination process to Sheri Sargent in Human Resources at or 507-389-6944.

Other authoritative references regarding this program are: MMB Employee Recognition and Achievement Award Policy (Feb. 2012); Statutory Reference: M.S. 43A.18 Total Compensation; Minnesota State Colleges and Universities PER00008; Matrix of Achievement Award Provisions of Contract and Compensation Plans.