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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Travel Assistance

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What is it?

The Travel Assistance program became available in the fall of 2008. It provides help with emergencies and problems when you or your eligible dependents are traveling more than 100 miles from home. Students who are living more than 100 miles from home are covered at school. Services are provided by Europ Assistance USA (EA).

Key services include:

  • Locating and accessing medical and dental care and facilities (you should contact your health or dental insurance plan regarding out-of-network coverage & costs)
  • Arranging for medication and eyeglass replacement
  • Arranging and paying for medical evacuation or returning mortal remains
  • Locating lost or stolen items
  • Providing interpreters or relaying messages to family and friends

Who is eligible?

  • Any employee who is actively employed at least 50% time in an insurance-eligible position and is enrolled in Basic and/or Optional Life insurance (you are automatically enrolled in Basic Life if you are 50% time or more and eligible for insurance)
  • The employee’s spouse
  • Children who are the employee’s eligible dependents (unmarried, under age 19 or a full-time student under age 25, or disabled dependents and dependent grandchildren as defined by the group life insurance plan)

When and how do you enroll or apply?

You do not need to enroll. Services may be accessed at any time either online or via a toll-free number. There is no cost to access EA’s services. You are responsible for the cost of medical and dental care, eyeglasses, prescriptions, translation services, fund transfer fees, attorney’s fees and so on. You should contact your health, dental, or prescription carrier to determine whether and how claims will be covered under your insurance plans.

Where can you find more information?

A brochure explains more about the Travel Assistance program and includes a cutout wallet card for easy reference. You can get the brochure and other information or assistance at: