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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Comings and Goings


The lists below represent "New Hires" and "Separations" that have occured during the
three weeks prior to the date shown on the report.

New Hires and Rehires

Begin Date Name Department As Of
20140627 Takaiwa, Masayasu Intercollegiate Athletics                23-Jul-14
20140630 Dolfin, Amanda Student Financial Services 23-Jul-14
20140701 Wallace, Penny Academic Affairs                         23-Jul-14
20140701 Ulrich, Emma International Programs                   23-Jul-14
20140707 Neuman, Phillip Residential Life                         23-Jul-14
20140707 Theil, Kory Residential Life                         23-Jul-14
20140707 Wesley, Tyeesha Residential Life                         23-Jul-14
20140709 Utterback, Daniel Building Services     23-Jul-14
20140710 Gustafson, Michael Strategic BU, ED and Regional Partnershp 23-Jul-14
20140716 Smoley, Andrew Information and Technology Services      23-Jul-14
20140818 Rosacker, Kirsten Accounting and Business Law              23-Jul-14
20140818 Sipola, Maija Chemistry & Geology                      23-Jul-14
20140818 Johnson, Malynnda Communication Studies 23-Jul-14
20140818 Sommers, Kimberly Counseling Center 23-Jul-14
20140818 Becker, Robin English                                  23-Jul-14
20140818 Haque, Danielle English                                  23-Jul-14
20140818 Coons, James History                                  23-Jul-14
20140818 Sasyk, Zorian Library Services                         23-Jul-14
20140818 Shin, Soo Yeon Mathematics & Statistics                 23-Jul-14
20140818 Zhu, Ke Mathematics & Statistics                 23-Jul-14
20140818 Cai, Shaobiao Mechanical & Civil Engineering           23-Jul-14
20140818 Butler, Tonya Music                                    23-Jul-14
20140818 Dall'Asen, Analia Physics & Astronomy                      23-Jul-14
20140818 Petersen-Brown, Shawna Psychology                               23-Jul-14
20140818 Burk, Brooke Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services   23-Jul-14
20140818 Ceurvorst, Robyn Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services   23-Jul-14
20140818 Parker, Jennifer Social Work                              23-Jul-14
20140818 Dennis, Jeffery Sociology & Corrections                  23-Jul-14
20140818 Glasser, Carol Sociology & Corrections                  23-Jul-14
20140818 Johnson-Harris, Kimberly Special Education Department 23-Jul-14
20140818 Depinoy, Denis World Language & Cultures 23-Jul-14
20140818 Duplat Ayala, Alfredo World Language & Cultures 23-Jul-14


Barg Unit Name Department Separated As Of
203 Warning, Margaret Building Services     20140705 23-Jul-14
203 Wallin, Dwight Receiving and Delivery Services          20140701 23-Jul-14
206 Tousignant, Christopher Extended Learning 20140718 23-Jul-14
206 Steiner, Kathleen Communication Studies 20140711 23-Jul-14
206 Robbins, James University Stores                        20140715 23-Jul-14
206 Priem, Patricia Graduate Studies and Research, Coll. of  20140708 23-Jul-14
206 Johnson, Joyce Residential Life                         20140708 23-Jul-14
206 Dahl, Melva Physical Plant                           20140707 23-Jul-14
207 Nere, Mary Library Services                         20140710 23-Jul-14
209 Nickerson, Ronald Recreation, Parks and Leisure Services   20140630 23-Jul-14
214 Gustafson, Nathan Inst. Research,  Planning & Assessment 20140703 23-Jul-14