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Deans & Vice Presidents Listing

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Col of Allied Hlth & Nursing Retherford, Kristine Dean MF124 6315
Col of Arts & Humanities Contag, Kimberly Interim Dean AH226 5409
Col of Business Flannery, Brenda Dean MH120 5423
Col of Education Haar, Jean Dean AH118 5445
Col of Graduate Studies Ries, Barry Assoc VP Research & Dean of Graduate Studies WA315 1242
Col of Sci Eng & Tech Martensen, Brian Interim Dean TN131 5998
Col of Sci Eng & Tech Hart, Marilyn Interim Assoc Dean TN131 5998
Col of Soc & Behv Sci Bevacqua, Maria Acting Dean AH111 6307
University Extended Education Fee, Scott Dean WA315 1170
Institutional Diversity Morris, Henry Dean WA228 1150
International Affairs Stoynoff, Stephen Interim Dean WA315 1333
Library Services Roca, Joan Dean ML3097 5953

Vice Presidents

Academic Affairs Wells, Marilyn Provost & Sr VP Academic Affairs WA315 1333
Academic Affairs Greer, Kimberly Interim Assoc Provost & Assoc VP for Acad Affairs WA315 5146
Academic Affairs Zierdt, Ginger Interim Asst VP for Undergraduate Education WA315 6214
Academic Affairs Ries, Barry Assoc VP Research & Dean of Graduate Studies WA315 1242
Academic Affairs Akey, Lynn Asst VP for Inst Research, Planning & Assess WA315 2419
Finance & Admin Smith, Steven Asst VP for Budget & Business Services WA238 5022
Finance & Admin Straka, Richard VP Finance & Administration WA238 6622
Finance & Admin Fields, Ronald Asst VP for Facilities Mgmt WC111 2267
Information Technology Clark, Edmund VP for Technology & CIO ML3010 2555
Strategic BU, ED and Regional Partnershp Gustafson, Michael Interim VP Strategic Bus, Ed & Reg WA329 5566
Student Affairs Jones, David Vice President Student Affairs & Enrollment MGMT WA228 2121
Univ Advancement Iseminger, Jeffrey Assoc VP for Univ Adv & Integrated Mrkting AF232 2823
Univ Advancement Clark, Robert VP for Univ Advancement AF224 2021

Other Directories