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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Elections, Voting, & Political Activities

Election Judge Leave

State law, as well as our contracts and plans, allow for paid leave for purposes of serving as an election judge.  This paid leave includes not only the date(s) of an actual election, but also includes any training required of the election judge.  Any leave for training purposes should be only for the training period, plus a reasonable commute period.  An appointing authority is not required to adjust an employee’s schedule such that the employee’s work schedule coincides with the date(s) or hours of leave for training or an election.

While state law allows an employer to offset the employee’s pay by the amount of remuneration earned for service as an election judge, the State has elected to forego such an offset due to the administrative costs of affecting such an offset.  In order for employees to be granted paid election judge leave they must provide at least 20 days notice of the need for such leave.  You may request a certificate of appointment as an election judge from the employee.  You may also request documentation of the time required for the training.

See Minnesota State Statute - 204B.195 TIME OFF FROM WORK TO SERVE AS ELECTION JUDGE