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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Outstanding Service Awards

The Outstanding Service Awards are selected annually by each Vice President (or President for those units reporting directly to the President). Each division will nominate and select a recipient. The divisions can determine how they want to select the recipient, e.g. through a committee or through nominations to the VP/President. The awards will be presented at the the annual Employee Appreciation Breakfast.

Criteria for nomination and selection include, but are not limited to:

  • Exceptional service to students, faculty, staff or external constituents
  • Continually going “above and beyond the call of duty”
  • Exceptional performance on a special project or assignment
  • Contributing to the improved morale and/or work environment of the division
  • Significant contributions to the university community
  • Actions that distinguish the employee outside their professional realm
  • Contributions in leadership in external community matters or in the employee’s field

Only those individuals actively employed at Minnesota State Mankato are eligible.

The award will consist of a certificate signed by the President and Vice President for the division and an “Outstanding Service” paperweight.

Divisions should notify the HR of their selection so that appropriate arrangements can be made for certificates and paperweights.

Nomination Form


 Clark Johnson  Academic & Student Affairs
 Larry Kohanek  Finance & Administration
 Bryan Schneider  Information & Technology Services
 Lorraine Knutson  President
 Security Department  Student Affairs
 Jim Gullickson  University Advancement
 Stewart Ross  Academic & Student Affairs
 Georgia Jackson  Finance & Administration
 Julie Bruggeman  Information & Technology Services
 Rich Wheeler  Student Affairs
 Greg Bednar  University Advancement
 Don Larsson  Academic & Student Affairs
 Joan Roca  Academic & Student Affairs
 David Cowan  Finance & Administration
 Ted Johnson  Information & Technology Services
 Gwyn Outka  President
 Dan Elliott  Student Affairs
 Diane Kalis  University Advancement
 Angie Bomier  Academic & Student Affairs
 Cheryl Kalakian  Academic & Student Affairs
 Clark Johnson  Academic & Student Affairs
 Kellian Clink  Academic & Student Affairs
 Kelly Krumwiede  Academic & Student Affairs
 Linda Meidl  Academic & Student Affairs
 Mark Schuck  Academic & Student Affairs
 Sara Granberg-Rademacker  Academic & Student Affairs
 William Watts  Academic & Student Affairs
 Jim Schramski  Finance & Administration
 Jeff Henline  Information & Technology Services
 Tara Sprengeler  President
 Walt Wolff  Student Affairs
 Joann Jaqua  University Advancement
 Gregg Marg  Academic & Student Affairs
 Jackie Lewis  Academic & Student Affairs
 Jean Haar  Academic & Student Affairs
 Paul Corcoran  Finance & Administration
 Bryan Hoffman  Information & Technology Services
 Abdulkadir Alasow  Institutional Diversity
 David Gjerde  Student Affairs
 Rose Blumenshein  University Advancement
 Brenda Flannery  Academic & Student Affairs
 Christopher Corley  Academic & Student Affairs
 Dan Cronn-Mills  Academic & Student Affairs
 Jessica Schomberg  Academic & Student Affairs
 Julie Kerr-Berry  Academic & Student Affairs
 Kim Pederson  Academic & Student Affairs
 Ron Nickerson  Academic & Student Affairs
 Karen Bunde  Finance & Administration
 Brenda Hanel  Information & Technology Services
 Michael Budach  Information & Technology Services
 Cynthia Hanson  Strategic Business, Education & Regional Partnerships
 Carol Wheeler  Student Affairs
 Vicki Langevin  University Advancement
 Ron Nickerson  Academic & Student Affairs
 Denny Javens  Finance & Administration
 Ricardo Muggli  Information & Technology Services
 Carol Stallkamp  President
 Ruth Gregory  Strategic Business, Education & Regional Partnerships
 Todd Pfingsten  Student Affairs
 Doug Fenske  University Advancement
 Malcolm O'Sullivan  Academic & Student Affairs
 Brad Cords  Finance & Administration
 Wayne Sharp  Information & Technology Services
 Jan Eimers  President
 Diane Abraham  University Advancement
 Lynn Akey  Academic & Student Affairs
 Gary Urban  Finance & Administration
 Matt Clay  Information & Technology Services
 Mitch Wallerstedt  Information & Technology Services
 Heather Camp  Institutional Diversity
 Jeff Ford  Institutional Diversity
 Kelly Meier  Institutional Diversity
 Mary Visser  Institutional Diversity
 Queen Booker  Institutional Diversity
 Linda Jacoby  Strategic Business, Education & Regional Partnerships
 Suzie Dugan  Student Affairs
 Ann Fee  University Advancement
 Warren Sandmann  Academic Affairs
 Debbie Sinning  Finance & Administration
 Jude Higdon  Information & Technology Services
 DeeAnn Snaza  President's Office
Ann Goebel  Strategic Business, Education & Regional Partnerships
 John Bulcock  Student Affairs
 Kathryn Wilcox  University Advancement