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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Quarter Century Club Members

(As of 12/31/15)

First Name Last Name Department Status
Paul Allan Intercollegiate Athletics                 
Jerald Anderson Information and Technology Services       
Melodie Andrews History                                  NEW
Cyrus Azarbod Computer and Information Sciences  
Peggy Ballard Eductnl Studies: Elem & Early Chldhd  
Donna Ballman Management                                
John Banschbach English                                   
Joel Baumann Information and Technology Services       
Lisa Baures Library Services                         NEW
Deborah Beal Registrar's Office                        
Denis Becker Science, Engineering & Tech.  
Michael Bentley Biological Sciences                       
Kathleen Bill Intercollegiate Athletics                 
Terri Brown Dental Hygiene  
Rodney Bruce PALS Development                          
Julie Bruggeman Information and Technology Services       
Steve Buechler Sociology & Corrections                   
Susan Burum Government  
Donna Casella English                                   
John Caven Elec. & Comp. Engineering & Tech  
Ashok Chowdhury Economics                                 
Rachelle Christ Residential Life                         NEW
Kellian Clink Library Services                          
Cathy Colby Information and Technology Services       
Cliff Colby Library Services                         NEW
Gail Connelly Printing and Photocopying Services        
Betty Consoer Student Health Services  
Bradley Cords Physical Plant                            
George Corey Upward Bound                              
Lee Cornell Computer and Information Sciences  
Diane Coursol Counseling and Student Personnel          
David Cowan Facilities Services          
Melvin Crane Building Services      
Theresa Dickey World Language & Cultures  
Jacqueline Dittrich Institutional Diversity NEW
Barbara Dobie Counseling Center  
Donald Duehring Physical Plant                           NEW
Suzanne Dugan Security                                  
Margaret Durkee Biological Sciences                       
Susan Edstrom Security                                  
Sandra Eggenberger Nursing, School of                        
Susan Ehlers Human Resources                           
Kevin Elliott Marketing & International Business       NEW
Carol Endres Student Affairs                           
Sharon Evans Arts and Humanities, College of           
Douglas Fenske Printing and Photocopying Services       NEW
Cindy Flitter Physics & Astronomy                       
Carlos Ford Library Services                          
Marilyn Fox Management                               NEW
Anthony Francour University Stores                         
Brian Frink Art                                       
Rebecca Fritz Speech, Hearing and Rehab Serv.  
John Gappa Physical Plant                            
Brenda Garbers Career Development Center    
Mark Geiger Residential Life                          
Steven Gilbert Counseling Center  
Janet Gostonczik Special Education Department  
Diane Groen Sharits Library Services                         NEW
Rebecca Gunderman Social & Behavioral Science  
Turgut Guvenli Marketing & International Business        
Abo-El-Yazeed Habib Accounting and Business Law   
Cheryl Haefner Business Services                         
Mark Hall Marketing & International Business        
Chester Halvorson Physical Plant                            
Diane Hamilton Student Financial Services  
Francis Hannick Mathematics & Statistics                  
M Anaam Hashmi Marketing & International Business        
Julia Hebenstreit Nursing, School of                        
Thomas Hendrickson Elec. & Comp. Engineering & Tech NEW
Mark Henrich Building Services      
Laura Henry Registrar's Office                        
Donna Hensel Facilities Services          
Penny Herickhoff Accounting and Business Law               
Margaret Hesser Student Support Services                  
Michael Hirmer Vehicles  
Kristen Hobday Library Services                          
Georgia Holmes Accounting and Business Law               
Daniel Houlihan Psychology                                
Han-Way Huang Elec. & Comp. Engineering & Tech  
Diane Huettl Finance and Administration               NEW
John Humphrey Philosophy                                
Jasper Hunt Educational Leadership                    
Paul Hustoles Theatre and Dance                         
Joann Jaqua Stewardship and Advancement Services  
Peter Jarnstrom Library Services                          
Joel Jensen Security                                 NEW
Charles Johnson Mechanical & Civil Engineering            
Clark Johnson Social & Behavioral Science  
Wendy Johnston Printing and Photocopying Services       NEW
Bruce Jones Auto & Mfg Engineering Tech     
Jon Kalinowski Management                                
Rakesh Kawatra Management                               NEW
Barbara Keating Sociology & Corrections                   
Julie Kerr-Berry Theatre and Dance                         
Muhammad Khaliq Elec. & Comp. Engineering & Tech  
Steven Kipp Physics & Astronomy                       
Amy Kopachek Student Activities  
Anthony Kopari Biological Sciences                       
Bernard Kozitza Physical Plant                            
Rosemary Krawczyk Psychology                                
Joseph Kunkel Government  
Ann Kuzma Marketing & International Business        
John Kuzma Marketing & International Business        
Richard Liebendorfer Philosophy                                
Pamela Lillis Residential Life                          
John Lindberg Music                                    NEW
Susan Loechler Registrar's Office                        
Sandra Loerts Student Financial Services  
Judith Luebke Health Science                            
Michael Lusch Chemistry & Geology                       
Nancy MacKenzie English                                   
Jodi Malecha Children's House                         NEW
Matthew Malterer Information and Technology Services       
Julio Mandojana Elec. & Comp. Engineering & Tech NEW
Janice Marble Student Financial Services NEW
Gregg Marg Biological Sciences                       
Lori Marti Student Health Services  
David McCarl Theatre and Dance                         
Roberta McFall Physical Plant                            
Nancy McLoone Nursing, School of                        
Steven Mercurio Biological Sciences                       
Lori Meyer Intercollegiate Athletics                 
Howard Miller Management                                
Joan Miller Graduate Studies & Research, Coll. of  NEW
Saeed Moaveni Mechanical & Civil Engineering           NEW
David Morano Art                                       
Henry Morris Institutional Diversity NEW
Roberta Morsching Campus Hub  
Ellen Mrja Mass Media                      
Marge Murray-Davis Health Science                            
Delores Nolan PALS Development                          
Roland Nord English                                   
Kristine Norland Career Development Center    
Susan Olson Student Union                            NEW
Judy Olson-Passer Social & Behavioral Science  
Jodi Orchard Cashiers Office  
Mark Parsley Residential Life                          
Kent Paulson Building Services      
Patrick Pearce Building Services     NEW
Linda Peters Information and Technology Services       
Michael Peters Physics & Astronomy                       
Hanh Huy Phan Ethnic Studies                            
Shirley Piepho Student Union                             
Gary Plym Building Services      
Maureen Prenn Eductnl Studies: Elem & Early Childhood   
Jeffrey Pribyl Chemistry & Geology                       
Bertha Proctor Biological Sciences                       
Karen Purrington Sociology & Corrections                   
Bruce Raps Business Services                         
James Rauchman Building Services      
Steven Reuter Eductnl Studies: Elem & Early Childhood   
Linda Richter PALS Development                          
James Rife Chemistry & Geology                       
Richard Robbins English                                   
Valerie Roberts Strategic BU, ED and Regional Partnershp  
James Robertson Sociology & Corrections                   
Joan Roca Library Services                          
Nancy Rolfsrud Counseling Center NEW
Buddhadev Roychoudhury Management                               NEW
Jill Ryan School-Univ Partnership, Center for       
Daniel Sachau Psychology                                
Theresa Salerno Chemistry & Geology                       
Joleen Schirmers Campus Hub  
Yvonne Schmeling Facilities Services         NEW
James Schramski Cashiers Office  
Mike Schueneman Physical Plant                            
Wendy Schuller Human Resources                           
Paul Schumann Management                                
Carol Seifert Psychology                                
Roger Severns Finance                                   
Ved Sharma Economics                                 
Roger Sheffer English                                   
Dooyoung Shin Management                                
Robert Simonson Economics                                 
Carol Skorr Eductnl Studies: Elem & Early Childhood   
Miles Smayling Management                                
Steven  Smith Finance and Administration                
Margaret Stoltzman Elec. & Comp. Engineering & Tech  
Lu Ann Struck Human Resources                           
Jane Tastad Reporter                                  
Richard Terrill English                                  NEW
Harold Thiewes Finance                                   
Leon Tietz Computer and Information Sciences  
Tamara Trcka Postal Services                           
Chia Tung Mathematics & Statistics                  
Cynthia Veldhuisen Gender & Women's Studies  
Jacqueline Vieceli Government  
Katherine Voight Biological Sciences                       
William Wagner Sociology & Corrections                   
Helen Walters Facilities Services          
Charles Waters Mathematics & Statistics                  
Helen Wenner Business Services                         
Barbara Wersal Student Financial Services NEW
John Westendorf Physical Plant                            
Paul Wetzel Physical Plant                            
Sharon Wetzel University Stores                         
Richard Wheeler Residential Life                          
Kathryn Wilcox Printing and Photocopying Services        
Jean Willaert Auto & Mfg Engineering Tech     
Merle Wilmes Receiving and Delivery Services           
Linda Winans Aviation           
Bonnie Windschitl Academic Affairs                         NEW
Bradley Wobbrock Physical Plant                            
Melva Wojahn Accounting and Business Law               
Dorothy Wrigley Biological Sciences                       
Hai-Sheng Wu Physics & Astronomy                       
Kim Wussow Building Services     NEW
Patricia Young Nursing, School of