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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato
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Years of Service

Awards For Years of Service

The Employee Recognition Committee believes it is important to acknowledge and recognize employees for their years of valuable service to Minnesota State Mankato. Service Awards are presented by President Davenport at a yearly ceremony held in their honor.

5 Years - Lapel Pin
Carrie Chapman Eductnl Studies: K-12 & Secondary Pgrms 
Kiel Davis Security                                
Elizabeth Harsma World Language & Cultures
April Hornemann Residential Life                        
Thomas Inkrott Intercollegiate Athletics               
Leonard Koupal Student Union                           
Cynthia Larson Nursing, School of                      
Nicole McGill Information and Technology Services     
Anastasia Panagopoulos Philosophy                              
Alexandra Panahon Special Education Department
Carlos Panahon Psychology                              
Byron Pike Accounting and Business Law             
Farhad Reza Mechanical & Civil Engineering          
Leah Roue Construction Management
Amy Scheuermann Eductnl Studies: K-12 & Secondary Pgrms 
Anne Schuelke Disability Services                     
Kristin Scott Marketing & International Business      
Andrew Sidwell Physical Plant                          
Kristin Underwood Career Development Center  
Jamie Van Boxel Residential Life                        
Teresa Wallace Special Education Department                           
David White Utility Plant                           
10 Years - Key Holder
Timothy Akers Information and Technology Services     
Gale Allen Elec. & Comp. Engineering & Technology  
Dennis Amundson Intercollegiate Athletics               
Colleen Anderson Student Financial Services
Raymond Asomani-Boateng Urban and Regional Studies Institute    
Gladys Barbeau Upward Bound                            
David Bissonnette Family Consumer Science                 
Candace Black English                                 
Marla Bock Student Affairs                         
Queen Booker Management                              
Marcius Brock Registrar's Office                      
Douglas Bruender Building Services    
Jeffrey Buchanan Psychology                              
Aaron Budge Mechanical & Civil Engineering          
Matthew Carlson Career Development Center  
Dawn Clyne Library Services                        
Christopher Corley Honors                                  
Kathleen Dale Management                              
Kebba Darboe Ethnic Studies                          
Julie Dittrich Dental Hygiene                          
Michael Eccles Physical Plant                          
Kevin Filter Psychology                              
Shannon Fisher Water Resources Center                  
Virginia Fitzloff Information and Technology Services     
Jessica Flatequal Gendr/Sexual
Kathleen Foord Eductnl Studies: K-12 & Secondary Pgrms 
Jeffrey Granberg-Rademacker Government
Sara Granberg-Rademacker New Student and Family Programs
Richard Grieger Building Services    
Vickie Hanson Finance and Administration              
Beth Heidelberg Urban and Regional Studies Institute    
Jeffrey Iseminger Integrated Marketing           
Deborah Jesseman Eductnl Studies: K-12 & Secondary Pgrms 
Ishrat Kamal-Ahmed International Student Office            
Eiji Kawabata Government
Kimberly Kunkel Student Health Services
Andrea Lassiter Psychology                              
H Keith Luebke Sociology & Corrections                 
Vicki Luoma Accounting and Business Law             
Paul Mackie Inst. Research,  Planning & Assessment
Mathew Magers Intercollegiate Athletics               
Elizabeth Manderfeld Urban and Regional Studies Institute    
Nathan Owens Intercollegiate Athletics               
Russell Palma Physics & Astronomy                     
Kathryn Roeder Registrar's Office                      
Ronald Schirmer Anthropology                            
Ginger Schmid Geography                               
Theresa Schwartz Student Union                           
Kristel Seth Research and Sponsored Programs         
Matthew Sewell English                                 
Sarah Sifers Psychology                              
Michael Spencer Economics                               
Nicole Stock New Student and Family Programs
Patrick Tebbe Mechanical & Civil Engineering          
Curtis Thomez Physical Plant                          
Michele Throldahl Library Services                        
Sherrise Truesdale Sociology & Corrections                 
Mary Van Duynhoven Center for Excellence in Tchg & Learning
Jennifer Veltsos English                                 
Mitchell Wallerstedt Information and Technology Services     
Dennis Waskul Sociology & Corrections                 
Brian Wasserman Construction Management
Nicholas Wayne Theatre and Dance                       
Carol Wheeler Admissions                              
Forrest Wilkerson Geography                               
Paul Wyss Library Services                        
Wayne Allen Ethnic Studies                          
15 Years - Pen and Notepad
Maria Bevacqua Social & Behavioral Science, College of 
Steven S Smith Theatre and Dance                       
Gail Zahn Special Education Department
Sarah Boxrud Security                                
Jeffrey Chambers Intercollegiate Athletics               
Janet Cherrington-Cucore Urban and Regional Studies Institute    
Patricia Edlund Nursing, School of                      
Allan Hart Computer and Information Sciences
Rebecca Hentges Center for Academic Success             
Dean Kelley Computer Science
Stephani Kenward Children's House                        
Michael Lagerquist Theatre and Dance                       
Dawn Leech Information and Technology Services     
Darci Lunde Building Services    
Alison Mahoney Biological Sciences                     
Christopher Mickle Graduate Studies and Research, Coll. of 
Ricardo Muggli Information and Technology Services     
Todd Pfingsten Campus Recreation                       
Mezbahur Rahman Mathematics & Statistics                
Judy Rohde Residential Life                        
Elaine Ruch Graduate Studies and Research, Coll. of 
Ryan Schuh Printing and Photocopying Services      
Daardi Sizemore Library Services                        
Julie Snow Disability Services                     
Mahbubur Syed Computer and Information Sciences
Susan Taylor University Development                  
Pedro Thomas Sociology & Corrections                 
David Viscoli Music                                   
Lynne Weber Library Services                        
Richard Wegner Building Services    
Tamara Wilkins Government
20 Years - Leather Coasters
Christine Black-Hughes Social Work                             
Debra Domek PALS Development                        
Tomasz Inglot Government
Steve Kopachek Physical Plant                          
Norma Krumwiede Nursing, School of                      
Mark Michael Receiving and Delivery Services         
Bernt Olmanson Physical Plant                          
Bruce Poburka Speech, Hearing and Rehabilitation Serv.
Gary Urban Business Services                       
Mary Visser Human Performance                       
Susan Ward Science, Engineering & Tech., College of
25 Years - Umbrella
Lois Anderson Biological Sciences                     
Peggy Ballard Eductnl Studies: Elem & Early Childhood 
Lisa Baures Library Services                        
Michael Bentley Biological Sciences                     
Susan Burum Government
Cliff Colby Library Services                        
Donald Duehring Physical Plant                          
Carlos Ford Library Services                        
Brian Frink Art                                     
Mark Geiger Residential Life                        
Steven Gilbert Counseling Center
Turgut Guvenli Marketing & International Business      
Thomas Hendrickson Elec. & Comp. Engineering & Technology  
Mark Henrich Building Services    
Joel Jensen Security                                
Charles Johnson Mechanical & Civil Engineering          
Mary Johnston English                                 
Wendy Johnston Printing and Photocopying Services      
Bruce Jones Auto & Manufacturing Engineering Tech   
Ronald Jones Building Services    
Ann Kuzma Marketing & International Business      
John Kuzma Marketing & International Business      
Michael Lusch Chemistry & Geology                     
Janice Marble Student Financial Services
Joan Miller Graduate Studies and Research, Coll. of 
Roberta Morsching Mass Media                    
Roland Nord English                                 
Susan Olson Student Union                           
Anne O'Meara English                                 
Jodi Orchard Cashiers Office
Mark Parsley Residential Life                        
Patrick Pearce Building Services    
Jeffrey Pribyl Chemistry & Geology                     
Valerie Roberts Strategic BU, ED and Regional Partnershp
Daniel Sachau Psychology                              
Yvonne Schmeling Facilities Services        
Susan Schwieger Children's House                        
Steven W. Smith Finance and Administration              
Leon Tietz Computer and Information Sciences
Tamara Trcka Postal Services                         
Barbara Wersal Student Financial Services
John Westendorf Physical Plant                          
Bonnie Windschitl Academic Affairs                        
30 Years - Blanket
Donna Casella English                                 
Arlene Glaser Registrar's Office                      
Julia Hebenstreit Nursing, School of                      
Jon Kalinowski Management                              
Rosemary Krawczyk Psychology                              
Lori Marti Student Health Services
Lori Meyer Intercollegiate Athletics               
Michael Peters Physics & Astronomy                     
Linda Richter PALS Development                        
Richard Robbins English                                 
Marshel Rossow Mass Media                    
Mike Schueneman Physical Plant                          
Harold Thiewes Finance                                 
Charles Waters Mathematics & Statistics                
Dorothy Wrigley Biological Sciences                     
Donna Ballman Management                              
35 Years - Glasses
Melvin Crane Building Services    
Francis Hannick Mathematics & Statistics                
James Johnson Art                                     
Joseph Kunkel Government
Sandra Loerts Student Financial Services
Nancy McLoone Nursing, School of                      
Judy Olson-Passer Social & Behavioral Science, College of 
Karen Purrington Sociology & Corrections                 
James Robertson Sociology & Corrections                 
Joleen Schirmers Campus Hub
David Ziesmer Printing and Photocopying Services      
Laura Henry Registrar's Office                      
40 Years - Rolling Cooler
Barbara Dobie Counseling Center
Hanh Huy Phan Ethnic Studies                          
Shirley Piepho Student Union                           
Carol Seifert Psychology                              
45 Years - Jacket
Janet Gostonczik Special Education Department
Rebecca Gunderman Social & Behavioral Science, College of 
Lola Lemcke Library Services                        

For questions, please contact an Employee Recognition Committee member.