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Pay Option Selection Form - For IFO
Performance Evaluation - Excluded Administrators
Performance Evaluation - MSUAASF
Performance Evaluation - Classified
Phone Reference Questions (PDF)
PIF (Professional Improvement Funds) Application & Guidelines (PDF)
PIF Follow up Form (DOC)
Position Analysis Questionnaire, MSUAASF (DOC)
Position Description, Administrator (DOC)
Position Description, Classified (DOC)
Position Description, MSUAASF (DOC)
Position Requisition Form - Classified (PDF)
Position Requisition Form - Unclassified (PDF)
Post Retirement Employment Request Forms (PDF)
Posting - Unclassified Vacancy (IFO, ASF, Administrator, Adjunct & GAs) (html)
Priority Consideration Review Form (DOC)

No Entries

Sabbatical & Retraining Leave Application (PDF)
Salary Savings Leave Request (PDF)
Screening Summary Report - Classified - Classified Positions Only (xlsx)
Screening Summary Report - Unclassified Positions Only (DOC)

SCUPPS Security Request - On-line
  • At the above link click "Security Administration" - You will need your StarID to log in
  • Log in and request access to the HR Web Application (a.k.a. SCUPPS)
  • Help Video - HR Security Request (apprx. 30 sec)


Search Failed Notice (PDF)
Search Process Checklist (HTML & PDF)
Search Process Forms (HTML)
Search Waiver Request: Athletic Coaches (PDF)
Search Waiver Request: Extend 4-Year Fixed Term Appointment (PDF)
Search Waiver Request: New Hire - Unclassified (PDF)
Search Waiver Request: Re-Appointment of Fixed Term (PDF)
Selection of Deferred Compensation Option (PDF)
Statement of Ethics (DOC)
Supervisory Status Questionnaire (PDF)
Telecommuting Request Form (DOC) (Procedure)
Telephone Log (DOC)
Tennessen Warning (Notice of Intent to Collect Private Data from New Employees) (PDF)
Tennessen Warning (Employee Investigations) (doc)
Timesheet (PDF) More Info...
Transit Expense Account
Travel - Expense Reimbursements (Business Services Web Page)
Travel - Out of State Request For Approval
Travel - Request For Approval of Travel Expense Reimbursement By An Outside Source
Tuition Waivers (On-Line Submission)

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