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Sabbatical & Retraining Leave Application (PDF)
Salary Savings Leave Request (PDF)
Screening Summary Report - Classified - Classified Positions Only (xlsx)
Screening Summary Report - Unclassified Positions Only (DOC)
SCUPPS Security Request - On-line
  • At the above link click "Security Administration" - You will need your StarID to log in
  • Log in and request access to the HR Web Application (a.k.a. SCUPPS)
  • Help Video - HR Security Request (apprx. 30 sec)


Search Failed Notice (PDF)
Search Process Checklist (HTML & PDF)
Search Process Forms (HTML)
Search Waiver Request: Athletic Coaches (PDF)
Search Waiver Request: Extend 4-Year Fixed Term Appointment (PDF)
Search Waiver Request: New Hire - Unclassified (PDF)
Search Waiver Request: Re-Appointment of Fixed Term (PDF)
Selection of Deferred Compensation Option (PDF)
Statement of Ethics (DOC)
Supervisory Status Questionnaire (PDF)

Unless otherwise stated, forms are in *PDF format and can be accessed using Acrobat Reader.

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