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Adjunct - Unclassified Appointments

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Adjunct faculty members are critical to the success of our teaching mission at MSU, Mankato. However, it is also critical to ensure that adjunct faculty members are properly employed, so that they can teach and be compensated accordingly.

The timeline for completing the adjunct hiring process (e.g. all paperwork completed and processed through Human Resources) should be done by the last duty day of the semester prior to the adjunct hire.

Adjunct positions may be posted through Human Resources. However, if the department has an existing pool of qualified adjuncts, a Department is not required to post the position online through Human Resources though you are required to follow the process for employing adjunct faculty members as follows:

  1. Offer Overload

    Departments are first required to offer course(s)/assignment(s) to current MSU department faculty, per the IFO Master Agreement, before any possible adjunct assignment(s) can be made. If none of the current MSU faculty in a department express interest in teaching the coursework on an overload assignment, a department may move forward with the approval process for hiring the adjunct position.

  2. Communication to Adjunct Candidate

    Prepare and send the Adjunct Pre-Employment Letter & Checklist to candidate(s) to see if the individual is working in another department or at another state agency as this may impact how the person is paid and may require placement on the IFO contract salary schedule.

  3. Adjunct Approval Process

    To request approval to hire adjunct faculty, a Department Chair must:

    If the proposed adjunct faculty hire meets the above (HLC) qualifications, the Department Chair shall confirm by emailing the following forms to the College Dean for approval:

    If approved by the Dean, the Dean shall email these forms to the Office of the Provost ( for review. Once approval has been given from the Office of the Provost, the Dean may extend a verbal offer. The Associate Provost will do a final review of the budget with the Budget Officer.

  4. Extend Verbal Offer

    As the hiring authority, the Dean is responsible for extending the verbal offer to the intended adjunct candidate. All offers, verbal and written, will be made contingent upon receipt of an official transcript (if not already on file in HR), sufficient enrollment and available budget to meet the University’s obligations. As a reminder, the Department Chair does not have the hiring authority.

  5. Official Transcript

    All new adjuncts, or current adjuncts who have completed another degree, are required to submit an official transcript of his/her highest relevant degree(s). The official transcript must be received before a written offer can be extended to the candidate. The applicant must request for the transcript to be sent in a sealed envelope directly from the granting institution to our Human Resources Department, 336 Wigley Administration Center. Any exceptions to the degree requirements must be approved in advance of an offer by the Dean in accordance with the University’s process for recognizing “tested experience” under HLC faculty credentialing requirements referred to above.

  6. Create Written Offer

    When it is determined an adjunct will be assigned to teach a specific course (e.g. when it is put into the course schedule), the Dean's office will send the Adjunct Offer Letter and attach all appropriate forms for the employee to complete and return.

    Along with the adjunct offer letter, provide all new adjuncts with the following documents:

    Returning adjunct hires must include the above documents only if something has changed or if it has been three (3) years or longer since his/her last appointment with Minnesota State Mankato.

  7. I-9 Form
    • Section 1 of the I-9 is required to be completed by the employee no later than the first day of employment, but not before accepting a job offer.
    • Section 2 of the I-9 is required to be completed by Human Resources within 3 business days of the employee’s first day of employment. The original documentation required for Section 2 must be viewed by Human Resources, 336 Wigley Administration Center, to meet I-9 regulations. If the adjunct will not be working on the Mankato campus, immediately contact Nina Stupeck in Human Resources x6942 to make the necessary Remote Hire arrangements.
    • I-9 regulations require that if the guidelines listed above are not met, employment will be terminated and the department may be charged an audit fee.
  8. Faculty Workload Management (FWM)
    • For a new adjunct, Human Resources must have all of the new hire paperwork (listed in 6.b. above) entered into SCUPPS before the name of the adjunct can be entered into the Term Course Schedule tab in the Curriculum Management system. (Returning adjuncts can be entered into Curriculum Management after an offer has been accepted.)
    • Curriculum Management will then feed the information into FWM at which time, the department/Dean's Office should enter the assignment details into FWM.
    • Once the Dean has reviewed and approved the FWM record, Human Resources will process the record and upload the data into SCUPPS.
    • In order for an adjunct employee to be paid on the first full pay period after the start of a semester, the FWM record must be processed through Human Resources one week before the first duty day of the semester, if not before. Earlier submissions are appreciated due to volume and the ability to input the data. Note: For spring semester, this means the transaction must be processed before leaving for the holiday break or the adjunct faculty member may not be paid until the second full pay period--at the earliest.
    • No adjunct faculty member may teach without an appointment letter, official transcript, resume, and completed Form I-9 which has been processed through Human Resources.
  9. Finalized Appointment Document
    • Human Resources will key the paperwork into the SCUPPS system and upload the FWM transaction. They will generate a finalized appointment document which details the assignment, appointment status, rank and contracted salary for each new employee.
    • Human Resources will send the SCUPPS generated finalized appointment document to the appropriate Dean's office for review and distribution.
  10. Class Cancellations
      • If a class is cancelled after the record in FWM has been approved and processed, update the Curriculum Management system and then immediately email JoAnn Scholtz at to notify her, so that she can stop the pay as soon as possible. The Curriculum Management system will update FWM to show that the class is no longer being offered.