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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Hiring Process Guidelines

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Adjunct - Unclassified New Appointments

Adjunct faculty members are critical to the success of the teaching mission at MSU, Mankato. However, it is also critical to ensure that adjunct faculty members are properly employed so that they can teach and get paid accordingly. The process for employing adjunct faculty members is as follows.

  1. Adjunct Appointment Authorization Form

    Complete the Adjunct Appointment Authorization form and attach to the UPD. (Available from Academic Affairs

  2. Appointment Letter and Documents

    Adjunct Appointment Letter, Athletics - Adjunct Appointment letter
    As soon as it is determined which adjunct is going to teach a specific course, e.g. when it is put into the course schedule, the Dean's office will generate the appointment letter and attach all appropriate forms for the employee to complete and return. (The Chair does not have hiring authority.)

    Note: The Dean's office should check to see if the individual is also working in another department as this may impact how the person is paid and may require placement on the IFO contract salary schedule.

    New adjunct hires must include all of the following documents along with the appointment letter and UPD:

    Returning adjunct hires must include the above documents only if something has changed or if it has been three years or longer since his/her last appointment with Minnesota State Mankato. All adjuncts, including returning adjuncts, are required to submit an official transcript of his/her highest degree. Any exceptions to the degree requirements must be discussed in advance of an offer with the Dean and/or Academic Affairs..

  3. I-9 Form

    The employee must come to Human Resources to complete the Form I-9 within three working days of the start of his/her employment to meet I-9 regulations, or the department may be charged an audit fee. If the adjunct will not be working on the Mankato campus, contact Dee Ann Snaza at 6075 to determine how to process the I-9.

  4. Unclassified Personnel Documents (UPD)

    The department/Dean's office should fill out a Unclassified Personnel Document (UPD). The UPD (as well as the appointment letter) must indicate whether this is a new adjunct hire or a returning adjunct. This information is available on SCUPPS and must be checked before processing the appointment letter and UPD.

    Documentation for enrollment based courses should be completed as soon as enrollment is sufficient or as soon as the course is cancelled. In the comment section of the UPD indicate the course is enrollment based. The Form I-9 still needs to be completed within the required timeframe, as noted in item #3 above.

    In other circumstances where an adjunct faculty member is identified later, the appointment letter and UPD should be generated as soon as possible, however, in no way can it be later than the first day the adjunct is teaching class.

    In order for an adjunct employee to be paid on the first full pay period after the start of a semester, the UPD must be processed through Human Resources one week before the first duty day of the semester, if not before. Earlier submissions are appreciated due to volume and the ability to input the data. Note: For spring semester this means the paperwork must be processed before leaving for the holiday break or the adjunct faculty member will not be paid until the second full pay period--at the earliest.

    No adjunct faculty member may teach without an appointment letter, official transcript, resume, UPD and completed Form I-9 which has been processed through Human Resources.

  5. Academic Affairs

    The UPD and all accompanying documentation should first be submitted to Academic Affairs for approval. Academic Affairs should review/approve the UPD, sign and forward all paperwork to Human Resources.

  6. Finalized Appointment Document (View Sample Document)

    Human Resources will key all the information provided from the UPD and accompanying paperwork into the SCUPPS system. They will generate a finalized appointment document which details the assignment, appointment status, rank and contracted salary for each new employee.

    Human Resources will send the SCUPPS generated finalized appointment document to the appropriate Dean's office for review and distribution.

  7. Class Cancellations

    If a class is cancelled after submission of the UPD to Human Resources, immediately email Colleen Isaacs at to notify her so that she can stop the pay as soon as possible. Then process the necessary UPD and forward to Academic Affairs, as noted in item #6 above.