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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Professional Development Day 2014

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January 8, 2014

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9:30 AM Academic Language and Interdisciplinary Focus on Academic Language
Ever wonder why your students don`t seem to comprehend what they are reading? It could be that they have poorly developed Academic Language skills. We will provide strategies that can easily be incorporated into your teaching to improve students AL.
9:30 AM Assessing General Education Curriculum: Developing Effective Strategies, Plans, and Approaches
This presentation addresses challenges associated with assessing General Education courses, identifies current approaches, and seeks to learn how to better assess student learning across this program.
9:30 AM Bridges to Success: Retention of Underrepresented Students at MSU
This session will discuss institutional best practices in the retention of diverse and underrepresented student populations. Session will include reflections of current and former underrepresented students and implications for professionals.
9:30 AM From Client to Clinician: Developing Acceptance of Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorder is now gaining acceptance in the mainstream, but at the cost of misinformation. Take a moment to develop an accurate understanding from someone who has studied, treated and ultimately accepted his own bipolar illness.
9:30 AM Helping Your Students Be Workforce Ready
Focus is on the expectations of employers in regard to students` skills and how we can assist our students with developing these skills while in college. We will also discuss how we can assist students in getting jobs and internships while in college.
9:30 AM Incorporating Service-Learning Into Your Course or Degree Program
Find out how you can actively engage students by incorporating Service Learning into your course or degree program.
9:30 AM Model-based Verification of Real-time Embedded Software
Model-based design is an emerging development methodology applied in designing modern dependable embedded systems. Model-based verification is an important feature of this method. Our research examined the hybrid of model checking and testing.
9:30 AM Putting the FUN in funding... spotlighting research at Mankato!
From Early Childhood Programming to A City`s Haunted History. Come and hear about exciting projects that are happening at Mankato as we highlight recent awards. Information will also be shared on support RASP can provide for faculty and staff.
9:30 AM Round Table Discussion on Creating University-Community Partnerships
Join us for a facilitated discussion on creating partnerships that enhance student learning. Consider ways to identify needs for experiential learning that enhance course outcomes, how to approach a potential partner, what should be evaluated, etc.
9:30 AM Stress Management: A Mind and Body Approach Towards Wellness
This interactive/hands-on presentation provides attendees with empirically-based solutions for managing personal, work, and relational stress. Solutions include information based off meditation, yoga, cognitive behavioral therapy.
9:30 AM Tech Tools: 20 Tools in 60 Minutes
Want to see some of the coolest tools that can assist you in teaching, learning and work life? We`ve got em! Come see app guru Marni Dunning show you some of the latest, greatest tools to streamline your work life and get your students learning.
9:30 AM Through The Eyes of the IRB
Getting your IRB proposal approved.
11:00 AM Assisting Military Veterans Transitioning Back into our Communities
With an influx of veterans returning to our communities, faculty, staff, community leaders, and practitioners need new approaches. Detailed set of programming tools developed to guide and assist community professionals will be presented to assist veterans.
11:00 AM Building a Sense of Resiliency in Today`s College Students
How and why do some students persist in the face of adversity while others flounder? Join us for a discussion of resiliency in today`s college students to answer these questions and examine what can be done on campus to encourage students to persist.
11:00 AM Documenting University life through YOUR photos by contributing to the University Archives
Have you taken pictures of campus life and wondered what to do with them? We want your digital photos! Bring your digital photographs to upload and donate to the Archives in this hands on session. Details @
11:00 AM Help! Overseas Student Health Solutions
A broken leg, a high fever, food poisoning and you are responsible for 20 other students in Greece, Dubai or Ecuador - what to do? This session introduces you to our new health insurance provider HTH Worldwide and the many resources available to you!
11:00 AM My Teaching Life in Pictures: Using the Lecture Capture and Recording Studios in CETL
If a picture is worth a 1000 words, then what we can do at Minnesota State Mankato is worth volumes! Come record yourself in lecture capture studio and in the new recording studio in front of our green screen...working with professional lighting, cameras and audio. Presented by CETL members, David Clisbee and Robert Petersen.
11:00 AM Purchasing and Contracting 101
What information should be on a purchase order? What object code do I use? How do I get a vendor number? When do I need multiple quotes? When/why is a contract needed for services on campus? Helpful websites, etc. etc. etc.
11:00 AM QPR Gatekeeper Certification
QPR stands for Question, Persuade and Refer, an emergency mental health intervention for suicidal persons. This session is designed to help you help someone who may be considering suicide by recognizing risks, gaining intervention skills, and more.
11:00 AM Quality Matters: Easy ways to use it to improve your course and get certified in the process
Quality Matters is a rubric and certification system for online courses that allows faculty to vet their courses, improve course structure through constructive peer review, and, if you want it, get a course certification of quality in the process.
11:00 AM Quantitative Research using SPSS
This workshop will provide a general introduction to quantitative research and the IBM SPSS statistics package. Topics may include research design, data collection, data management, data analysis, and interpreting statistical outputs.
11:00 AM Recruiting for your Academic Program
Quality or Quantity? Do you have to choose? Whether your goal is to grow your academic program or recruit more high ability students into your academic program or both, the Admissions Office can help.
11:00 AM Supporting Online and Nontraditional Students through the Online Writing Center
The CAS now offers online writing consultants to support online and nontraditional students. The session includes an introduction to the OWC, a virtual tour of the service and a sample consultation.
11:00 AM Women: Leading and Managing Change in Higher Education
HERS alum (Higher Education Resource Services) will share information about their HERS experience and preparation for leadership positions in higher education. Topics include Women Taking Charge; Career Advancement; and Opportunities and Challenges.
1:00 PM American Indian Considerations on Campus and in the Classroom
This session brings attention to areas of consideration relevant to American Indian student experiences in the classroom and on campus. It will familiarize participants with American Indian concerns and offer tools to become allies.
1:00 PM Copyright FAQs
Discussion of copyright and fair use in education.
1:00 PM Ergonomics, Safety and Workers Compensation
How do I get a new chair for my office or have my workstation analyzed? Is the chemical I am working with safe? I fell in the parking lot...what do I do now? These questions and more will be answered in this session.
1:00 PM Faculty Improvement Grants: Information and Tips for Success
The goal of this session is to discuss the guidelines for Faculty Improvement Grants and share successful project ideas in order to encourage faculty to make use of this opportunity.
1:00 PM iPad/iPhone Tips, Tricks and Resources
Discover some neat iOS tips, tricks and resources.
1:00 PM Personalize Your Leadership
Creating a positive guest experience is accomplished through setting high goals, ensuring accountability, and having some fun along the way. We will to engage you in conversation, share some ideas, and help you improve the guest experience at MNSU.
1:00 PM Promoting Your Program as Part of the University Brand
Why the strength of the University`s brand is one of your greatest assets, and how to use it effectively to help promote your program, department or University event.
1:00 PM Serving Transfer Students at MSU, Mankato - Challenges and Possibilities
The presenters will review the steps that are underway by a work group to address challenges that students and staff currently experience with the transfer process and also gather feedback from the audience about process improvement efforts.
1:00 PM Students as Scholars: Inquiry-based Learning in the Classroom
In this session, faculty who plan to or have carried out undergraduate research in the classroom will discuss tips for success. In addition, an exciting new initiative, the Graduate Research Consultant Program, will be introduced.
1:00 PM The Curriculum Design System (CDS)
Avoid the roadblocks and red flags with your graduate course and program proposals. Effective ways to prep your proposals for easy sailing through CDS. Includes prepping effective outcome development, navigating supporting documentation, and program framing.
1:00 PM What is Cornerstone? - Library Services New Institutional Repository Service
Cornerstone will be the digital home for the scholarly and creative achievements, research and history of Minnesota State University, Mankato. Come learn how you and your department can participate.
1:00 PM Working with SAPS
How academic performance affects financial aid. Understanding Satisfactory Academic Progress and hints for helping your students.
2:30 PM Accessibility 101
Learn about MSU, Mankato`s current and future plans for supporting learners with a wide range of physical and cognitive abilities.
2:30 PM Assessment of Competency Based Learning
Faculty and staff are often familiar with student assessment in traditional course environments, but how do we assess competency based learning? The honors portfolio project will be used as an example for discussion during this session.
Canceled edTPA Interactive Sharing Session
2:30 PM Enterprise Educational Technology Systems: What is on the horizon?
Learner analytics, MOOCs, online invigilation, competency-based instruction, educational gaming, ...what does it all mean, and what are we doing about it at MSU? We will walk you through some of our pilot projects and explain how you can get involved.
2:30 PM Getting to that most excellent place--Memorial Library!
Memorial Library, already a center of fascination and wonder, now has new, beautiful upgrades, which are guaranteed to improve the user`s experience. Come on over to see for yourself, and to hear about the many ways we serve your needs.
2:30 PM Incorporating Study Abroad Into Your Course or Degree Program
Have you wanted to offer students an opportunity to study abroad, but are unsure how it could fit into your curriculum? This session will provide examples of what other faculty have developed as well as provide suggestions to help you get started.
2:30 PM Passionate About You: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service in Your Department or Office Utilizing Disney`s Well-known Book: Be Our Guest
Creating a positive guest experience is accomplished through setting high goals, ensuring accountability, and having some fun along the way. We will to engage you in conversation, share some ideas, and help you improve the guest experience at MNSU.
2:30 PM Rock Climbing!
Come ready to climb! Please wear flexible clothing and be ready to learn about one of our newest facilities. Learn what opportunities the indoor wall has for you and your family! All equipment will be provided. 2 hour length.
2:30 PM Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment in Economics: Data, Analysis and Implications.
The program redesign in Economics since 2009 required strategic decisions on program content, delivery, and assessment. We present the data generation, collection, and analysis used to guide those decisions.
2:30 PM Teaching Your Students The Cornell Note-taking Process: Setting Up Cornell Notes, Taking Cornell Notes and Composing a Summary from Cornell Notes
This session provides a foundation and format for the Cornell Note-taking System developed by Dr. Walter Pauk in 1949. It concludes with differentiating between a summary and reflection and providing simple steps to writing a summary.
2:30 PM Where Do Your Students Go After MSU?
In this session, we will review the data on students` post-graduate plans and showcase how to find information for specific colleges/majors for accreditation purposes, publications, and program reviews.
2:30 PM Women in Leadership Panel
We will be hosting a panel of women leaders at MNSU, Mankato. Panelists will discuss how they got to where they are today, and different barriers they had to overcome to get there. Guests will include Provost Marilyn Wells, Marni Dunning, Lynn Akey, Sandra King, and Maria Bevacqua.