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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Your Ethical Responsibilities


State law defines certain ethical responsibilities for all state employees.

If you are viewing this program, these laws apply to you!

Important features of the state ethics law include:

  • You cannot receive a gift or favor from any source except the state for any activity related to your duties unless it is: nominal or a textbook; a plaque or mementos; payment of reimbursement for actual travel expenses which must be approved in advance; or, honoraria or expenses paid for papers, talks and demonstrations done on your own time.
  • You cannot use or allow the use of state property, state time, or supplies for your own private interests. You can use email for limited personal use provided there is no incremental expense to the state. Minnesota State has a separate Electronic Use policy that you should be come familiar with, as well. [See link above]
  • You must avoid conflicts of interest such as: using your official position to secure privileges or advantages for your immediate family or an organization you are affiliated with; acceptance of other employment that would affect your independent judgment in the exercise of your state duties; and, soliciting financial agreements for your benefit when the state is currently engaged in the provision of services (unless Minnesota State Mankato waives this clause in writing).